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Saga Mainnet Launches with 350 Web3 Projects

Saga Mainnet Launches with 350 Web3 Projects


Layer-1 protocol Saga has officially launched its mainnet, a pioneering protocol designed to usher in a new era of web3 development. This significant development marks Saga’s commitment to enabling the creation of a thousand new chains, focusing primarily on the gaming and entertainment sectors.

With the unveiling of the Saga Mainnet, the company aims to provide a robust infrastructure that caters to the demands of mass adoption, ensuring developers have the necessary tools to bring their visions to life.

At the heart of Saga’s innovation is the concept of “Chainlets,” a novel approach that allows developers to effortlessly launch their dedicated blockchains. This move is set to transform the traditional complexities of smart contract deployment into a streamlined process, offering a scalable and secure environment for applications.

Saga’s introduction of shared security, precise validator orchestration, and an automated deployment pipeline signifies a groundbreaking shift towards achieving horizontal scalability without compromising performance or security.

A key feature of the Saga mainnet is its elimination of gas fees for end users, a strategic decision that opens up a plethora of possibilities for developers. This initiative paves the way for the creation of revolutionary application models and engagement strategies, potentially widening the scope and user base of web3 applications.

Rebecca Liao, co-founder and CEO of Saga, emphasizes the company’s vision, stating, “Launching the Saga mainnet, we deliver on our promise to redefine web3 development by enabling creators to deploy their blockchains with zero cost to end users.”

The mainnet launch also signals the commencement of the Saga Innovator Program, which has already attracted 350 projects. This initiative aims to foster an ecosystem of visionary web3 developers, with gaming projects accounting for a significant 80% of the program.

Partnerships with notable names like South Korea’s Com2uS and MarbleX in the US highlight the international interest and potential of Saga’s protocol.

Further bolstering its ecosystem, Saga has established collaborations with leading Layer 1 protocols such as Polygon, Avalanche, and Celestia, leveraging Chainlet technology to enhance their infrastructures. These partnerships not only underscore Saga’s leadership in web3 development but also its capability to provide scalable solutions across the blockchain spectrum.

In tandem with the mainnet launch, Saga has announced a phased token distribution plan, featuring airdrops of $SAGA tokens to participants and monthly airdrops from over 100 partners to $SAGA stakers. This token distribution strategy is designed to add value to the Saga community and incentivize participation in the ecosystem.

Looking ahead, Saga has outlined a multi-stage strategic rollout aimed at evolving its ecosystem. The initial phase focuses on establishing crucial infrastructure components like the Saga Security Chain and the Platform Chain. Future phases are set to introduce enhanced developer tools, support for a wider range of virtual machines, and deeper integration within the web3 ecosystem.

March 2024 saw the introduction of Saga Origins, a game publishing division dedicated to launching compelling and expansive web3 games. As the first web3 chain with a dedicated game publishing arm, Saga Origins underscores the company’s commitment to supporting game developers and connecting innovative games with the community.

Supported by leading investors such as Placeholder, Maven11, Longhash, and Samsung, Saga has raised $15 million to date, demonstrating strong confidence in its vision and technology.

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