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Incredible Hidden Features Of iPhone:You Probably Didn’t Know About

Incredible Hidden Features Of iPhone:You Probably Didn’t Know About


iPhone is an amazing smartphone that is full of amazing features and functions. iPhone has a treasure of hidden features that many of us are unaware of. These amazing iPhone features will help you to know more about your iPhone and will enhance your device Experience.

Personalized Vibration Patterns For Calls, Texts, And More

The constant buzzing of the iPhone is quite irritating. iPhone allows its users to experience personalized Vibration patterns for calls, text, and more. The custom vibration option allows you to identify important MD unimportant calls. The recent models of the iPhone allow a custom vibration feature that allows users to establish different patterns for important calls and messages.

The feature is turned on by default, you can also turn it on or off manually, by going to settings, ‘sounds and haptics’, and toggle on the switch for ‘system haptics’.

To create a unique vibration pattern, go to “Settings”, and “Sounds & Haptics” and select the type of alert you want to customize, such as “Text Tone”. Then, tap “Vibration” and choose “Create New Vibration” to create a personalized pattern by tapping your finger on the screen.

Moreover, you can tailor vibrations for important reminders, incoming emails, and calendar alerts. The upgraded version is a boon for individuals with hearing impairments.

Access Medical Information

This is another remarkable feature in case of emergencies. You just need to set up your Medical ID on your iPhone enabling instant access to critical medical information in case of emergencies.

The new amazing feature covers information about your medical conditions, allergies, and emergency contacts, without asking about your passcode from your lock screen.

Creating a medical ID just takes a few minutes. To access it, open a health tab and navigate to the summary tab. Tap your profile picture, select medical ID, and then click on the Edit option to add details including date of birth, allergies, and blood type. Ensure to turn on the “Show When Locked” and “Share During Emergency Call” functions so that your information will be shared with emergency responders when you make a call or send them a text message.

Back-Tap Feature

You can avail of this option by swift action in iPhone models having iOS 14 and later. Access the Simone and easily double tap or triple tap on the back of your iPhone for using various actions including opening the control center, capturing screenshots, triggering accessibility, or according to your priorities.

To access the feature turn on the Back Tap feature, and make sure you have the latest version of iOS on your iPhone 8 or later. Head to “Settings”, then “Accessibility”, and select “Touch”. From there, tap on “Back Tap” and choose whether you want to set a double or triple tap. Then, select the action you want to be triggered by the tap.

Secret/Hidden Codes

Apple cares for its customers therefore, it has launched an incredible feature of secret codes. These secret codes help instantly unlock diverse settings and information. These codes will provide insights into phone functionalities, for instance:

  • *#07# indicates your iPhone’s unique IMEI number, useful for registering, unlocking, or reporting a lost or stolen phone.
  • 3001#12345# activates the “Field Test” mode, showcasing detailed signal strength and network information.

Simply access them by dialing these codes for your ease.

Erase Text By Shaking

Isn’t an amazing that you shake the iPhone to erase the text?

iPhone enables its users to bid farewell by laboriously tapping the backspace button to erase text. Shake your iPhone to trigger an ‘Undo Typing’ prompt, an excellent feature for swift text correction while on-the-go note-taking. If the feature doesn’t work initially, ensure to enable the ‘shake to undo’ setting by reaching Accessibility>Touch is enabled.

Unveil The Hidden Mouse

Composing a lengthy text is always a hassle for everyone. Now, you can enjoy iPhone’s concealed mouse functionality to activate this secret mouse. You can avail of this option by pressing and holding the space bar. This allows you to use your finger for navigation.

Control Center Customization

iPhone enables its users to empower their usage with control center Customization. The option ensures immediate access to crucial controls such as airplane mode, Do-Not-Disturb (DND), flashlight, access to the frequently used app, and shortcuts to your favorite apps, without navigating through menus.

The above-mentioned amazing features can maximize your usage experience, making your daily interactions more enjoyable and efficient.

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