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Google Chrome extensions for design professionals

Google Chrome extensions for design professionals

Web design and other design professionals are in for a surprise. They can get to know about Google Chrome extensions which are worth using. Google Chrome is one of the finest browsers available. It also has some of the best extensions which are worth the buck.

The world of design is interesting. It keeps getting better and better. Moreover, professionals in the realm of design are lucky because they can conceptualize their creative imagination into ideas that are worth a million dollars.

How good are Google Chrome’s extensions?

A worthwhile Google Chrome extension is known to help improve the creative thinking process and boosy designers’ workflow. When designers are unable to put their concepts on paper into software, these extensions come in quite handy.

Each designer can help themselves with these extensions to help add more spark to their work. Skeptics were wondering why should designers use them but now they are convinced that these extensions are helpful in aspects of both content and design.

Key extensions of Google Chrome designers find useful

The internet is important for everyone. It has evolved from the dial-up connections of the 80s and 90s. As most tools and tech run on the internet 24/7, the internet also helps designers integrate designs found online in their existing work and showcase it in their portfolio immediately too.

Here are some of the best Chrome extensions in this regard:

Who can forget the Web Paint Tool?

Draw Online’s creation Web Paint Tool is both free and also, user-friendly. Designers can draw, paint, fill shapes, add text, or utilize a color picker on any kind of web page. They can take and save screenshots for sharing and collaboration. This can help them spread their ideas in a matter of seconds.

The Font Finder is also good

Both Designers and Developers are fond of Font Finder made by Unixeco. It is a user-friendly and time-saving tool that helps them select any font they want to analyze on a page. All they need to do is right-click on the page and the tool will do the work. The Font Finder provides information on cascading style sheets (CSS) regarding family size, font color, spacing, and other elements.

Muzli 2 is also worth the while

Using Muzli 2 is among the best design practices. It helps keep the creative sphere in full swing. The extension is sought after as it offers carefully curated images to help inspire designers and developers for their next project. It also provides carefully selected news feeds to help designers stay up to date without them manually filtering out the fluff.

The Nimbus Capture is also worth mentioning

Nimbus capture is one of the most adored screen capture and video recording tools. Designers can take part of full screenshots of any screen. They can even use its proprietary image editor for cropping or trimming images, adding colors, stickers, or more needed text. The extension has a handy video recorder featuring editing tools. It makes collaboration easy.

Colorzilla sounds similar to Godzilla but is worth using

When it comes to color-selecting tools, Colorzilla is known to be a monster of sorts (a constructive one that is). The covers can be discovered on any page, right down to the nearest pixel. Alternatively, it has a webpage color analyzer for a quick analysis of CSS colors on webpages. Other features include a CSS gradient generator and a palette browser which are user-friendly.

SVG Export is also worth looking at

Designers and developers who need to quickly download and export scalable vector graphics (SVG) from websites regularly can go for SVG Export. It is a handy Chrome extension that seamlessly exports SVG files as JPEGs, PNGs, or SVGs. The extension also offers bulk export and file resizing features.

ColorPick Eyedropper

Professionals from a web design company Dubai adore ColorPick Eyedropper because it offers an easy-to-drag and easy-to-zoom preview feature. This helps designers and developers easily examine each pixel present on a webpage and find its color value. It displays the color codes of the selected region as users drag the feature. The information is stored in the device’s and browser’s history.


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