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Checklist To Keep Your House Neat And Clean 

Checklist To Keep Your House Neat And Clean 

Cleaning every inch of your house on a daily basis is not possible. Making a checklist to keep your house clean is important, so you can consider those areas as well which get neglected on a daily basis. Many people face difficulty in preparing a checklist for keeping your house properly clean. Some of the important tasks needs to be performed  by you or professional house cleaners in Victoria to keep your house space neat and clean are:

  • Declutter: Declutter helps in clearing out the pace and makes it easy to manage the things easily. Clearing out those items which are of no use such as old clothes, magazines, newspaper, furniture, toys, You can also go for donating a few items which you think you have no use but can be helpful to others. After decluttering the extra stuff you will be left with important staff which you can easily keep them clean and arranged easily. 
  • Maintain Dusting: Keep regular dusting of small things of your house such as little show pieces, photo frames, flower pots, books, doors, fans and other furniture items. These small things are needed every second day. Using microfiber cloths will help in removing the dust properly. 
  • Vacuum: Using a vacuum on the floor, rugs, sofa set etc. Vacuum cleaning helps in clearing out dust from these areas which are hard to access. Vacuum gets under the couch area, under the table or many corners of the house which is hard to access. 
  • Sweep and mop: Sweeping and mopping are the tasks of cleaning which needs to be done on a daily basis to keep the dust out and make the floor clean properly. 
  • Cleaning up the kitchen: Kitchen needs to be cleaned on a daily basis but deep cleaning needs to be done once in a week. On a daily basis tasks include cleaning the utensils which are used for eating and cooking, clearing out gas areas, cleaning shelves of the kitchen etc. These are the tasks which need to be done on a daily basis and the deep cleaning of the kitchen by professional house cleaners in Victoria can be done once in a week. 
  • Bathroom Cleaning: Cleaning the bathroom includes cleaning out the bathtub, washing walls and floor of the bathroom, washing the curtains of bathroom and the rug inside the bathroom etc. Bathroom cleaning can be done once or twice in a week. Whipping out the water can be done on a regular basis to keep the bathroom clean and dry.
  • Clearing out laundry and cleaning laundry room: Clearing out the laundry is an important task and needs to be done once a week at least, but it can vary according to person ‘s needs as well. After clearing out the laundry, the laundry room also needed to be cleaned properly. After moving the washing machine and other stuff, the whole area needs to be washed and cleaned properly.

These are a few tasks of cleaning which need to be followed, some on a regular basis and few occasionally to keep your home space neat and clean. Few tasks may require professional help such get your carpet clean by professional carpet cleaners in Victoria or many other tasks which are not easy to do by yourself. Then in these cases it is best to take assistance from professionals.


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