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10 Features To Expect From An E-Commerce Website Hosting Provider | SFWPExperts

There are many companies providing hosting services by promoting their features & functionalities. But it is important to know that hosting features are not limited to providing 24X7 support, Backup and speed. There are other features available to make a website successful by providing an error-free experience.

Most of the newbies get confused in selecting a proper hosting provider and plan for their eCommerce website. Because of the number of hosting providers offering various features and plans to their users. 

Therefore in this article, we will be drawing your attention to something important that is ignored by most of the website owners. We will be discussing the features you should expect from an e-commerce hosting provider.

Here are the essential features of web hosting services:

1. Uptime Monitoring

Website Uptime is an important aspect of running a successful eCommerce website. A website uptime refers to keeping a website up and online without any errors.  Most of the website loses its sales and traffic due to a lack of uptime monitoring. If you are into an online selling business then you should remember that website downtime can badly affect your business. Even If your website, visitors fail to access your website each time they visit, then they will not show interest in buying products from your online store anytime in the future. 

Before taking up hosting for your eCommerce website you should be very much clear about the Uptime offered by your hosting provider. There are times when hosting providers may say that they provide 99.99% uptime to every site but they fail to keep the website up and online. That’s why you should evaluate uptime monitoring features before buying hosting for your eCommerce website. 

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