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Financial Advisors in Richmond, Virginia

Financial Advisors in Richmond, Virginia

No matter where you are in life or nearing retirement, financial advisors can help you create a roadmap for success and optimize your investment portfolio by mitigating risks and increasing returns.

SmartAsset’s free tool connects you with professional fiduciary advisors in your local area specializing in retirement planning, asset management, and tax strategy. These professionals can assist in retirement preparation, asset administration, and tax strategies.

Covenant Wealth Advisors

Financial advisors can be invaluable assets in meeting personal and financial goals. They can review all your assets – investments, savings accounts, retirement accounts, and insurance needs – before helping with larger purchases such as car or home purchases or planning future goals like retirement or college tuition fees. Lastly, good financial planners should be willing to answer any queries from their clients.

Covenant Wealth Advisors specializes in comprehensive financial planning and investment management for individuals and families in Richmond. As fiduciaries, their advisors must put their client’s interests first while offering an extensive network of resources to help them meet their financial goals.

Covenant Wealth Advisors offers advice and can assist clients in planning for retirement and investing in real estate. Furthermore, they assist small business owners with their 401(k) plans. The company has offices in Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia.

SmartAsset’s free tool connects you with advisors who are fiduciaries – legally bound to work in your best interest – who have been carefully vetted. Once connected, you can speak freely with them for up to five minutes before deciding if they match you.

Kanawha Capital Management

Goal-oriented wealth management services are offered by this financial advisory firm. Services include:

  • Developing healthcare plans.
  • Implementing tax and transaction cost-efficient model portfolios.
  • Monitoring their progress via simulation analysis.

Since its establishment in 1999 in Richmond, Virginia, it has specialized in serving individuals, pension and profit-sharing plans, charities, and corporations.

Kanawha Capital Management LLC is a financial services firm managing $883.9 million of regulatory assets on behalf of clients. They offer investment management and financial planning services to high-net-worth individuals, families, endowments, foundations, and retirement accounts in eight states nationwide. They are located near Richmond, Virginia, but registered with the SEC as an SEC investment adviser.

Financial Advisors of Delaware provides its services with an expansive team of financial planners—many of whom are Certified Financial Planner professionals—and offers comprehensive portfolio management services, such as asset allocation and customized strategies for clients’ assets. Fees for this structure ensure lasting relationships between the firm and clients.

Agili stands out from its competition by not charging performance-based fees that could encourage advisers to take riskier investments. Instead, its investment advisors adhere to fiduciary duty. Agili clients include business executives, mid-career corporate managers, entrepreneurs, heirs, medical and university professionals, and retirees with significant assets who need financial planning services such as estate planning, tax coordination and analysis, insurance analysis, etc.

Spark Financial Advisors

Suppose you’re looking for a financial advisor. In that case, you have various choices to consider: financial planners, wealth managers, and investment advisors are all options to consider when searching for one that fits your specific needs and goals. SmartAsset’s free tool makes connecting with local advisors who serve your area easy; once you find an advisor of interest, you can interview them without incurring additional costs to see if they fit your goals.

Richmond financial advisors can help you meet your goals no matter where you’re starting from. They can help you set a budget and manage investments, save for retirement, understand tax code complexities and policies, and develop customized estate plans!

Spark Financial Advisors in Richmond offers wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning services to individuals and small businesses in the local area. Their experienced financial planners possess over one hundred years of combined experience to assist with retirement/estate/tax preparation/investment portfolio management, creating customized asset allocation solutions according to each person’s unique needs and goals.


Agili Financial Planning Firm provides investment management, wealth preservation, and estate planning services. Its advisors are fiduciaries who prioritize clients’ best interests when charging fees, which could include a percentage of assets under management, hourly fee, or flat fee structure. The firm’s portfolios consist of stocks, alternative investments, and real estate investments, and it serves clients across several states. You can find out more by visiting its website today.

Wealthcare Capital Management

Wealthcare Capital Management is an investment advisory firm offering financial planning services for Americans. Its advisors can help you reach your financial goals, such as saving for retirement or purchasing a home, manage your investment portfolio of stocks and ETFs, and assist with estate planning issues and complex tax matters.

Recently, the company unveiled an upgraded version of its Comfort Zone technology, providing clients with a comprehensive digital planning experience. It combines analytics with an easy and aesthetically pleasing dashboard so clients can see their progress toward financial and personal goals more clearly. Furthermore, this technology helps make complex concepts more understandable to clients.

Reaching your financial goals can be challenging, but with the assistance of a skilled advisor, you can put yourself on the right path. They can assist with college savings plans, home purchases, or debt reduction. Before selecting one as your advisor, read reviews to determine who best suits your needs.

The company provides an unparalleled service that allows its financial advisors to advise 401(k) plans and pensions, provide asset allocation and selection services for individuals and small business owners, provide fee-only financial planning, brokerage services, fee-only financial planning as well as fee-only investment planning for its clients based on percentage of assets managed (AUM) as well as hourly fees.


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