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Apple Refrains From Comparing The iPhone 15 To The iPhone 14 (Or The iPhone 13)

Apple Refrains From Comparing The iPhone 15 To The iPhone 14 (Or The iPhone 13)


In an attempt to make it easier for users to figure out the upgrades they’ll get when they purchase a new iPhone, Apple has launched a new “Why Upgrade” page. The page, unlike the regular iPhone comparison section, provides users with reasons to upgrade, such as the presence of a better camera, storage, USB-C, and so on. However, what’s interesting is the selection of iPhones in the “from” and “to” section.

Apple’s New “Why Upgrade” Webpage Doesn’t Include All iPhones

When users land on the “Why Upgrade” page on Apple’s website, they’ll see two rectangular input boxes. On the left is the “Upgrade from” box, which includes only seven iPhones, including the three models in the iPhone 11 series and the four in the iPhone 12 series. On the right, the “Upgrade to” section includes the four iPhones in the iPhone 15 series. For instance, if you wish to upgrade from the regular iPhone 11 to the iPhone 15, here’s what the page will tell you.

The “Upgrade from” menu doesn’t include any of the iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 models

Here Are The Features The Page Highlights, Comparing The iPhone 11 To The iPhone 15

The first thing the page mentions is that the iPhone 15 captures up to 4x the resolution of the iPhone 11. Then, it highlights how the base variant of the iPhone 15 (128 GB) has twice the storage of the iPhone 11 (64 GB). Regarding cameras, the page mentions that the iPhone 15 provides 2x telephoto-like zoom with its 48MP camera. Other features the page highlights include converting a regular picture into a portrait, Action Mode, and Cinematic Mode. The latest iPhone lineup also has a USB-C port, a better A16 Bionic chipset, and 5G connectivity. Apple doesn’t miss on flaunting the iPhone 15’s Dynamic Island, too.

Apple's new Why Upgrade page comparing iphone 11 with iPhone 15

However, Apple Doesn’t Want To Compare The iPhone 13/14 To The iPhone 15

While the page lists similar benefits of upgrading from the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 series to the iPhone 15, it doesn’t allow users to compare the iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 with the latest model. Apparently, the “Why Upgrade” page doesn’t allow users to compare the 2021 and 2022 iPhone models with the latest iPhone. Even though some of the comparison points still stand true, such as the camera’s resolution, the presence of Dynamic Island, and the USB-C port, the absence of iPhone 14 or iPhone 13 from the page indicates that the brand doesn’t endorse an upgrade from the models.

Do We Agree With Apple?

If you ask us, we agree with Apple here, as the iPhone 15 doesn’t make up for an exceptional upgrade from the A15 Bionic-powered iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. However, users who own an old iPhone 11 or an iPhone 12 with an aged battery and processor should definitely go with the new iPhone 15. In fact, this is the first time the latest iPhone has been available at a discounted price a few months after the launch. There are instances where the “Why Upgrade” page doesn’t include all the details. For example, when comparing the iPhone 12 Pro Max with the iPhone 15, the page doesn’t inform about the presence of an optical zoom lens on the former.

Nonetheless, it is still a simple way of helping users discover the new features and upgrades they’ll get on getting the latest iPhone.

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