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Best Apps for International Students in UK 

Best Apps for International Students in UK 

The UK has been one of the most-desired nations for international students who seek higher education abroad for more than a century. Today also, it is chosen by a lot of overseas students, and in fact, it has become easier for academics to enrol in the UK due to the availability of online sources. 

There are some online platforms available today, which provide accommodation to international students in the UK and other nations. These online platforms can be accessed in different ways such as through websites or mobile apps. Mobile apps are getting popular day by day since they provide an easy way to book accommodation. Besides, students should also have some more apps for different purposes. Here, you will read about the best apps for international students in the UK. 

University Living 

“University Living” is an online platform that offers student accommodation in different cities in the world. This platform can be accessed through its website,, as well as its mobile app. This app is very handy that you can use while you are on the move to find accommodation. 


Suppose, you have to find student accommodation in Sheffield, you need to enter “Sheffield” in the search box, and you can see the list of accommodations available in this city, such as: 

You find the name of iQ Fenton House in the list. This housing property provides distinct amenities for students for different aspects of their lives. For instance, you find a study room, study desk and chair, and Wi-Fi internet connection for your studies. Besides, you also get features for your leisure and workouts such as a cinema, games room, television, gym, and more. 

Another property you find here is Devonshire Courtyard Sheffield. It is another property where you can find the high-end features. Here also, you find study desks and chairs, a study room, gym, cinema, games room, television, Wi-Fi, etc. 

Pearl Works Sheffield can be taken as another example in this regard. In this student housing property, you can find study desks and chairs, a laundry room, bicycle storage space, etc. 

You can find a long list of student housing properties in Sheffield. Similarly, you can search for any other city and find the list of housing properties in any other city. Apart from student housing properties, you can also find lists of private apartments and homestays on this platform. 


Duolingo is another app that every international student in the UK must have. This app is not only suitable for international students in the UK but also in other countries. It is believed as the most popular language-learning app in the world today. You can also get a good command of English through this app if you are going to the UK. 

This app offers game-style mechanics and a point-based system and it is easy for anyone to learn a language in a simple yet fun way even within just a few minutes each day. 


Grammarly can be the best friend of every student. It is an online writing assistant and it helps users write more vividly as well as effectively. This app is powered by AI and it reviews all types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It also provides suggestions to students for enhanced delivery as well as clarity in sentences. 

Moreover, Grammarly also provides the option to users to switch between British, American, and even Canadian English, among which you can choose according to your study destination. So, if you are going to the UK, you can choose British English. 


While talking about Spotify, the first thing that comes to mind is music. But it is more than just a platform to listen to your favourite tunes. For university students also, Spotify is a great resource. 

These days, you can find several educational podcasts on this platform such as short language courses, history bites, student travel tips, and wellness podcasts to improve your mental health. You can also find playlists to help you during deep-focus study sessions. 

Summing Up 

University Living, Duolingo, Grammary, and Spotify are some of the apps that help students find accommodation, learn & correct language, and other educational purposes. 

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