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Using A Mouse With Your Android Device: Step By Step (Android 10, 11 And Beyond)

Using A Mouse With Your Android Device: Step By Step (Android 10, 11 And Beyond)


Using a mouse with your Android device is an easy process and with it, you can carry out actions like clicking, right-clicking, highlighting, and hovering.

highlighting with mouse on android

How To Do It

If you want to use a mouse with your Android device, you’ll need two things. The mouse itself, and an OTG cable.

I’ve got a Havit mouse for this.

havit mouse

It is a wireless mouse. I couldn’t find the exact type, but you can try this HP mouse I found on Amazon if you don’t have a mouse to use.

If you want a silent mouse, then you can get this one on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be a wireless mouse, but a wired mouse will use up more battery than a wireless mouse.

This is because most wireless mice have their battery.

The OTG cable I have doubles as a micro USB and a USB Type-C. You can get one on Amazon as well.

otg cable

All right, so when you have everything, you need to connect the wireless Infrared Dongle to the OTG cable as seen below (just like how you connect a flash drive to your laptop).

infrared to otg

Next, you’ll need to connect the OTG cable to your device.

otg to device

If you’re on an Android 11 device, you can just start using the mouse from here. You just need to click the mouse to activate it if the cursor isn’t showing up.

However, on my Android 10 device, I have to go to “Settings” then search for “OTG” by using the search bar.

enable otg

Next, I switch on the OTG option.

And that’s it, from here you will be able to use the mouse with your Android device.

Limitations and Conclusion

The only limitation I’ve found so far is that you can’t drag and drop things like you would on a laptop/PC. So watch out for that.

Sometimes I am not able to copy text even after highlighting, but it depends on the app I am copying the text from so keep that in mind.

To make sure the device doesn’t misbehave, try not to use your thumb and the mouse at the same time. Use one at a time.

So that’s all I can say about using a mouse with your Android device, if you have questions, leave them in the comments. And let me know what you want to see from me in the future.


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