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What to Look for When Buying Best Quality Car Tyres – 2018 Auto Review – Car Registration Info

What to Look for When Buying Best Quality Car Tyres – 2018 Auto Review – Car Registration Info


Feeling confused or lost by the hundreds of different tyre models and brands out there? Changing your car tyres is an essential part of maintenance that every driver needs to face. The type of tyres you choose can determine your entire driving experience – the tyres affect how well your car handles the speed with which you drive as well as the conditions you can drive in. However, most importantly, tyres affect the safety of your car. The perfect tyre is not a universal one-size-fits-all item, but it depends on your personal driving skill or style. Additionally, it is equally important to choose reputable brand tyres like Falken Tyres.

Here are some points to consider when buying the right tyres:

The tyres’ width is mentioned in the first 3 digits of your tire label. It is important for a great grip – wider tyres have better contact with the road, therefore they are better on wet roads. Narrower tyres are less useful to offer grip, but while driving, a smaller contact makes less noise. Driving comfort or all-weather performance is up to you.

For safety reasons, it is also important to get tyres that are the right size for your vehicle. Tyres that do not fit properly could cause additional stress, or can even come off while driving, causing road accidents as well. The tyre size is shown by the 2 digits of your tyre label which comes after the letter “R”.

In good quality tyres like Falken tyres, there are possibly 3 tyre tread patterns – directional, symmetrical, and asymmetrical.

The most common one is symmetrical; the narrow treads are arranged in a wave pattern. Such tyres are best for silent performance but unfortunately perform less well in the rains, as the design is not suitable for water dispersion.

One another factor that is closely related to tyre’s width is the tyre profile. It includes the thickness of the sidewall, which is the percentage of the tyre’s width. The latter is mentioned on the label. A low-profile tyre is highly prone to damage, but narrower sidewalls are better-looking and offer great steering performance.

  • Warranty offered by the manufacturer

Generally, the manufacturer offers a warranty for their tyres. But it can be for a limited period of time, and also there is often a long list of damages that are not covered. So, before choosing your tyre brand, check the warranty factor, so that you can choose one that offers good coverage.


A tyre does not have to be on a road to deteriorate, but even when stored, its rubber can soften over time. To be on the safer side, do not buy tyres that are above 6 years old. The date of manufacture is shown in the last 4 digits of the DOT code on its sidewall.

If you are looking for an extensive range of Falken Tyres that are known for their excellent wheel durability and exceptional performance as well, contact St George Tyres today. They offer Falken Tyres in several different sizes and options, all of which are made for particular wheel applications, including car applications, truck applications, performance applications, 4WD/off-roading, and much more.


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