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Wall Cladding Ideas to Uplift the Look of Your Property  

Wall Cladding Ideas to Uplift the Look of Your Property  

Have you been looking for ways to improve the look of your walls? If yes, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. According to industry pros worldwide, natural stone wall cladding is the ideal option for your walls, be it interior or exterior. These claddings are weather-resistant and come in a variety of colours and styles.  

You can also look at these wall cladding tiles for their thermal insulation characteristics. This way, the heat resistance can increase in the interiors. Hence, when it comes to a region like Australia, these tiles can prevent interior warm air from transferring heat outdoors during chilly winters. It also insulates the indoor area from the heat outside during harsh summer days.  

As a result, placing natural stone wall cladding tiles will provide two benefits: texture and insulation from the outside environment. And where can you find the best wall cladding tile options? Look no further than Stone Depot, Australia’s leading natural stone wholesaler.  

Walling Cladding Design Ideas  

Let’s get more design inspiration for the same.  

Rustic Touch for Living Space Walls 

The living room is the focal point of a house, where you relax with your friends and spend family time on weekends. How about adding a rustic touch to the wall so that the next get-together you throw, you’ll end up having amazing pictures?  

Well, then, we have the perfect stone wall cladding option for you— Pali Drystone Walling. This is an excellent alternative if you want a classic yet adaptable walling solution. 

The exposed stone wall gives a rustic accent to the otherwise elegant walls, flooring and furnishings. You may also employ mood lighting to enhance the impact of textures and cast shadows. 

Tuscan Inspired Look for Outdoor Façade  

This Tuscan-inspired stone wall cladding design is a stunning way to incorporate natural textures into modern architecture. In the past, particularly in hilly areas, irregularly shaped stone boulders were employed to make strong supporting outside walls.  

Tuscan Beige Limestone cladding collections are an ideal choice for Australian homes since they absorb heat and reduce the burden on air conditioners. They must be employed as a dry-stacked border wall in the exterior facade, creating a stunning vignette.  

Add a Serenity of White Colour as Room Partitioners  

Gone are the days when brick walls used to divide rooms and one used to paint them white. They did not give the opulence of luxury when installed. So, what can? 

Let’s introduce you to our Calista wall cladding selection. 

This white stone wall cladding creates an expansive look in the living area by using matching tiles and grout. These provide light to the interiors and should be utilised in otherwise dimly lit spaces. White tiles might cause glare; thus, avoid shining tiles and instead use tiles with texturing. 

Monochrome Design Cladding for Courtyards  

If elaborate designs and motifs are not your thing, you have come to the perfect spot.  

You can go for the classic beauty of monotone design. Choose from a variety of solid patterns, including silver grey, tan, interior white and pearl black, to give your external walls a gorgeous and long-lasting finish.  

You can enjoy the simplicity and sophistication of monotone design, combined with the beauty of natural stone, to create a striking courtyard for your home. 

Wrapping Up   

If you want a stronger framework for your home that protects your interiors, wall cladding is the best solution. We, Stone Depot, are the most popular suppliers in Australia. We offer wall cladding tiles at wholesale prices. You can check out our website and learn more about it. We also offer free samples, where you can check the texture and colour of the wall cladding tiles first-hand to be a hundred per cent sure of your choice. With so many design options available, you’re sure to discover the ideal cladding tiles for your house. 

Stone Depot® is one of Australia’s largest importers and wholesalers of natural stone and tiles which includes a wide range of Outdoor Pavers, Travertine, Sandstone, Limestone, Granite, Crazy Pavers, Marble, Bluestone, Pool Pavers, Slatestone pavers and tiles to compliment natural stones. A collective experience of 30 years in the stone industry, with our own quarries and factories in different parts of the world assists us in supplying quality products at very competitive prices. We are considered to be the market leader in the natural stones with a promise of excellent quality and exclusive designs. No one can beat us on quality and price! Website:

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