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Understanding the Roles of Internal Medicine Physicians

Understanding the Roles of Internal Medicine Physicians

There are many subspecialties within the healthcare industry, but one of the most prevalent is internal medicine. When it comes to adults, an internal medicine doctor can diagnose and treat a wide variety of illnesses in addition to seeing them for wellness checkups. When people first notice a problem with their health, they usually make an appointment with an internist like Nicholas Torgerson who specializes in internal medicine. For those who are otherwise healthy or who have small illnesses that can be managed with the assistance of a specialist, they are the main providers of healthcare. 

The Internist: What Is It? 

Internists, often known as internal medicine physicians, focus on caring for adults and older adolescents. 

Different from internists, who focus on the elderly, family doctors treat patients of all ages, while pediatricians are experts in caring for young children. 

When Is It Necessary to Visit an Internist? 

The advantages of consulting an internal medicine specialist are examined in further detail below. 

All-inclusive care from an Internal Medicine Physician 

Choosing an internist like Nicholas Torgerson to be your main point of contact for healthcare is a smart move. If an internal medicine doctor is unable to address your medical issue, they will either send you to a specialist or handle it themselves. 

Recurring visits to the same internal medicine doctor are common for many individuals. You might become close with your internist and trust them for many years. As they get to know you and your specific healthcare needs, internists are better able to assist with condition management. Having a primary care physician who can consistently guide patients and alter medications for the best possible outcome is especially helpful for people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, or asthma. 

To help you stay healthy, internists can also give you advice and instruction on preventative healthcare. 

An expert in internal medicine can make a correct diagnosis

Since doctors who specialize in internal medicine like Nicholas Torgerson see a wide variety of patients, they should be well-versed in making a wide range of diagnoses. These medical professionals are also adept at recognizing when a referral to a specialist is warranted. To get a more precise diagnosis, they can narrow the emphasis of the diagnosis to a particular symptom or location of the body and then recommend you to a specialist in that field of medicine. 

Preventative Medicine with the assistance of an Internal Medicine Physician 

Internists like Nicholas Torgerson play an important role in disease prevention in addition to diagnosis and treatment. By guiding you on dietary modifications, exercise, posture, and other issues, an internal medicine doctor can help you avoid diseases if you begin seeing them early in life. 

They may also research your family medical history to determine if you have a genetic predisposition to any diseases. 

Effective Expression 

Honest and open communication is vital for patients to trust their doctors. As part of their care, doctors who specialize in internal medicine address patients’ queries and concerns thoroughly and appropriately. If a patient requires further therapy, they can be referred to another internist who specializes in a different area. 

Establishing a Bond Is Within Your Reach 

You can expect to see a specialist or emergency room doctor less frequently than an internal medicine practitioner. Not only will you form a bond with your internist, but you’ll also become acquainted with their practice, its nurses, and support personnel. 

Unlike busy surgeons or general practitioners, your internal medicine doctor will likely have more time to see you. Appointments, phone calls, and online visits are all available. 

An Internal Medicine Doctor Can Offer Mental Health Care

An internal medicine physician like Nicholas Torgerson can evaluate not only physical but also mental health concerns. They are qualified to make diagnoses of mental health issues, provide medicines, and suggest that you see a counselor for further treatment. 

What Sets Apart the Practice of Internal Medicine from Other Medical Professions? 

Primary care physicians can be either internists, family medicine specialists, or general practitioners. In other words, you should go to them first for any medical care that isn’t an emergency. Both family medicine physicians and general practitioners examine, diagnose, and treat patients of various ages. Anyone above the age of 18 is only seen by an internal medicine doctor. Due to this age restriction, they offer the highest level of specialized care among primary care physicians, second only to pediatricians. 


Get in touch with Dr. Nicholas Torgerson right away if you are sick, are experiencing worrying symptoms, or have a diagnosis of an illness or chronic health condition.


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