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Starknet 4-Hour Network Outage Unpacked

Starknet 4-Hour Network Outage Unpacked


Key Takeaways

  • Starknet faced a four-hour transaction backlog due to a block reorganization caused by a rounding error bug;
  • The issue led to a temporary halt in processing new transactions and the reversal of some due to parameter changes;
  • Similar technical challenges have been observed in other blockchains like Solana.

The Ethereum Layer-2 protocol Starknet encountered a hiccup.

As announced on April 5, the protocol saw a gap in block production that led to a four-hour backlog of transactions.

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Starknet’s monitoring tool, Starkscan, recorded an unusual pause in block production, specifically between blocks 630028 and 630029. This anomaly didn’t immediately reflect on Starknet’s status page, leaving users in the dark about the network’s operational status for hours.

The disruption was later attributed to a rounding error bug that led to a reorganization of blocks. While keeping block production on track, this reorganization inadvertently led to the transaction backlog reaching its full capacity.

Starknet explained:

There were a few minutes during which new transactions could not be accepted for processing and were therefore rejected. Moreover, some transactions were reverted due to changing parameters (e.g. timestamps).

Such incidents display the complexities of blockchain technology, at the same time contributing valuable lessons and improvements that pave the way for a more reliable blockchain infrastructure. 

Notably, Solana, another major blockchain network, has also faced its share of challenges. In February, the network’s mainnet went down, halting block production due to a major outage. This incident was one of several, with Solana experiencing numerous significant and partial outages since January 2022.

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