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Interesting Facts About Motorhomes and Campers

Interesting Facts About Motorhomes and Campers


Everyone likes to travel in comfort. Long-distance road trips with recreational vehicles, motorhomes, and campers are gaining in popularity every year. Manufacturers are improving the comfort of vehicles to make the journey especially enjoyable. As a result, you can live for weeks in any modern RV today, stopping wherever you want. 

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A Little RV History

A Little RV HistoryA Little RV History

The world’s first traveling house on wheels was built in 1885. It was called the Wanderer. The former Royal Naval Surgeon, Dr. William Gordon Steele, designed and presented this unique trailer to the public. This primitive camper weighed a hefty two tons and needed two horses to tow it.

In 1910, the Touring Landau company presented a more advanced Pierce-Arrow camper model. The rear seat could be converted into a bed, and a folding wash basin was mounted between the front seats and the passenger compartment.

By the early ’70s, the popularity of trailers and motorhomes was growing at a frantic pace, and they brought road trips to a new, previously unattainable level of quality. Revolutionizing production, with the infusion of novel materials, cutting-edge technologies, and state-of-the-art equipment, motorhomes emerged as epitomes of technological advancement and unparalleled quality.

With the release of trailers into mass production, long-distance travel with accommodations in motorhomes has taken a strong place in the hearts of Americans who travel across the continent in search of freedom and adventure. Nowadays, traveling in motorhomes is a popular way of leisure around the world.

Types of RVs

Types of RVsTypes of RVs

There are three main options for recreational vehicles:

  • camper (or campervan)
  • trailer
  • motorhome

Usually, they are chosen depending on your needs or budget. Both driving with a trailer and driving a large vehicle have their own peculiarities, so when selecting your type, always consider your comfort when driving an RV.


Campervan Campervan

A campervan is a small van, pickup truck, or any other car for traveling with special equipment and features for comfortable travel. Such a vehicle will have to be unfolded at a stop or a campsite overnight. The elements that can be folded out manually or automatically are the roof, the canopy, and the bed. Often, such motorhomes are modified on the basis of common cars. However, manufacturers also offer special modifications from the factory.

The best campervans offer the significant advantages of convenience and relatively low fuel consumption. The disadvantages are low autonomy and limited space.


Trailer Trailer

Perhaps the most common image of a motorhome is a caravan or trailer. In fact, it is a trailer that can be parked at home while waiting for the next trip. It can be conveniently connected to a car and left in almost any place suitable for camping.

This type of RV has a lot of advantages, including many modifications and types that differ in size and content, so you can choose one for almost any taste. However, there are a few disadvantages. Firstly, the recommended speed for this vehicle shouldn’t exceed 40 mph (70 km/h); secondly, people cannot be transported in such a trailer; and thirdly, this type of motorhome has increased fuel consumption.


Motorhome Motorhome

A motorhome is a true home on wheels, the size of which often reaches a small apartment. Depending on the size and configuration, it can accommodate from 4 to 8 people, but with significantly higher comfort than other RV types.

Often, such vehicles are made on order, and the future owner can have whatever they want and their wallet allows. Motorhomes can cost as much as full-fledged apartments or houses.

Opting for such an RV comes with two primary drawbacks: the cost and size of the vehicle, the demand for specialized driving skills, and the limitation of parking flexibility. On the plus side, it has all the advantages of a full-fledged home that can be used to travel around the country or abroad.

Something Interesting About Motorhomes and Campers

Something Interesting About Motorhomes and CampersSomething Interesting About Motorhomes and Campers

Did you know that camping became popular in the United States only in the 1960s? Before that, motorhomes were not a form of leisure but a necessary measure. After the Great Depression, many people lost their homes. So families were forced to travel the country in primitive RVs and look for a better life.

You may ask whether towing a camper is a budget-friendly option. It all depends on the camper’s weight and the power of the vehicle. There is a simple rule: the higher the vehicle, the less fuel consumption. For example, a sedan will consume more fuel than a crossover, and a crossover will consume more fuel than a full-size pickup. To put it in numbers, the Toyota RAV4 with a two-liter engine and a trailer weighing around 2,900 lbs (near 1,300 kg) will consume 16.8 MPG (14 l/100 km).

You should also know that camping is not just about vehicles. You can find special facilities prepared to serve tourists on wheels during their camping trips. A campsite is a place for travelers where you can pitch a tent, park your RV in a picturesque location, or even stay in a small house. Campsite owners charge a small fee for accommodation on the territory. They provide cleanliness and amenities, including showers, toilets, and even small kitchens where you can cook.

Summing Up

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