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Building the XUM1541 USB to IEEE Serial interface

Building the XUM1541 USB to IEEE Serial interface


A while ago I repaired a 1541 Disc drive (here), and despite fixing the VIC-20 (here) I hadn’t tested the drive. 
I had, however, seen a project called XUM1541 (details are here) which gives us a USB to IEEE serial…. 

So simple! 

An Arduino Pro Micro is pressed into service, but V8 of the firmware resisted many attempts to flash onto my Pro Micro… the webpage described hitting the Reset button just before running the avrdude command line…. but the Pro Micro doesn’t have a reset button. I used a pair of tweezers to short out the RST line to GND on the Pro Micro, but still couldn’t get it to work …

After a lot of messing about, what you need to do is plug in your Pro Micro (into a windows machine), and open device manager. Expand on “Ports and LPT” , and you should see your board appear as “Arduino leonardo” …. this is where it goes wrong…  Now short out RST to GND Twice in quick succession. Your board should now appear as “Arduino Leonardo Bootloader” … note THAT com port number and insert it into the command line. 

Now, short out RST and GND twice again and hit return on the command line within 8 seconds….. bingo! 

Once everything is installed, it all works superbly… 

A simple box is printed out.. 

Software works great!

Now , I really need a real C64 to try it all out!


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