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Herogo TV Offers Free and Paid Streaming Content On the Go

Herogo TV Offers Free and Paid Streaming Content On the Go


Herogo TV is the latest free streaming app on mobile and one that holds a lot of promise with its new and innovative features. In this Herogo TV review, we explore the app and everything it has to offer.

Herogo TV screenshots

What is Herogo TV?

HeroGo TV: Buy, Rent, or Watch is an app that’s available on the Play Store and App Store. The app has FAST, AVOD, and TVOD channels so viewers can find something they like while at home or while they’re out and about.

Herogo TVHerogo TV

Once Herogo TV is downloaded, users can begin watching streaming content or live channels, or find something they like and pay to watch it (usually premium content such as movies, etc.)

Herogo TV App Features


One thing that separates Herogo TV from the others is how it’s categorized into different age groups. Choose the appropriate section and you’ll find the TV shows, channels, and movies in their respective spots. Kids can watch and stay within their limits for peace of mind, while adults can enjoy all the content in the expansive library.

Exclusive Discounts and Offers

The app offers exclusive discounts such as mix-and-match and bundled deals, all at affordable prices. Users can choose to watch free streaming content exclusively or purchase individual pieces at a set price. It’s similar to what the Play Store and Apple TV have and is worth a look.

Herogo TV moviesHerogo TV movies

Up to 4K UHD Titles

Streaming quality on Herogo TV is top-notch, with some videos topping out at an impressive 4K UHD resolution. Granted, you will need a device that supports this, but for most smartphones and tablets the resolution will be set to FHD.

Lots of Content Selections

Herogo TV has more than 1,000 hours of video on demand aside from the live channels and other types. It’s safe to say that you’ll be spending a lot of time watching and catching up, with more on the way.

Should You Try Herogo TV?

Herogo TV is free to download and available for iOS, Android, Fire TV, Apple TV, LG TV, and Roku. Try it today!

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