What does The Ashington Online Shop do?

Ashington is the ideal online shop for your graduation. Our full range of accessories and academic regalia is designed to help you celebrate in style. So whether you are a pupil looking for school uniforms and accessories, or an adult who needs to buy their first suit, Ashington has everything needed to ensure your children’s graduation gowns ceremony goes off without a hitch.

What to wear at graduation?

While wearing a gown is not necessary, we recommend that you dress smartly. For example, you should wear a suit if you graduate from Oxford or Cambridge. On the other hand, if you graduate from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), don’t wear jeans or flip-flops. When in doubt, ask someone who knows what they are talking about!

What does The Ashington Online Shop do?
What does The Ashington Online Shop do?

If your university has its traditions regarding caps and gowns, then make sure you know about them before going into town for your graduation ceremony. Otherwise, it could be embarrassing when you look like an idiot!

In addition to dressing appropriately for your degree ceremony, some other things may help make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day itself:

Graduation Cap & Gown Package

The Graduation Cap & Gown Package is a great choice if you want to purchase your graduation outfit online. It includes a cap, gown, and tassel so that you can complete the look with ease! The package comes in various colors, sizes, styles, and fabrics – so whether you want to wear red or blue this year or go for something more subtle like black or white, we have it covered! You can also choose from a range of accessories, including mortar boards which are perfect for those who want an extra bit of flair for their special day.

Quality and Durability

Our graduation gowns are made from 100% polyester, durable and long-lasting.

Our choir robes are also made from 100% polyester, which means you can use them in the kitchen or bathroom without worrying about any damage to your clothing. In addition, we use high-quality fabric that will not shrink when washed.

You can get children’s graduation gowns in various colors—including black, blue, red, and maroon—and we also make sizes ranging from extra small to large. In addition, our graduation gowns come in lengths from short (for small children) to super long (for taller men), so there’s something for everyone!

Graduation Accessories

Graduation Cap & Gown Package

Our Graduation Cap & Gown Package is the perfect way to ensure your graduation day is a success. The package includes:

  • A high-quality cap and gown set in your choice of color, size, and style (shoulder or hooded)
  • A tassel in your choice of color and style
  • A diploma-style name badge with 1 line of text (up to 10 characters) engraved on it

All items are packaged on a hanger and delivered directly to you before commencement ceremonies, making them easy for you to use on graduation day! In addition, our graduation accessories allow students and parents to make their mark by personalizing their cap & gown ensemble with custom features, including embroidery, rhinestones, and initials.


The Ashington online shop is a great place to purchase your products and have them shipped to you. You can find all kinds of items on their website, from clothing to home goods.

In addition, they offer a wide array of styles for all tastes and preferences. The prices are also very affordable for anyone looking for budget-friendly options!

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