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Understand The Major Uses Of The Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner!

Understand The Major Uses Of The Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner!

Hydraulic bolt tensioning is one of the preferred and reliable approaches to tightening bolts and studs. It offers an easy and quick method for tightening bolts to accurate and high pre-loads. Unlike traditional methods, it does not utilize torque and does not need any forceful turning of the bolt and nut.

It is more useful in performing critical applications such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boiler feed pumps, and compressor covers. Keep reading to learn more about hydraulic tightening tools!

How does a hydraulic tightening tool work?

Whenever it comes to tightening the bolts and nuts, friction becomes the common enemy. Overcoming friction between the washer and nut utilizes over 80-90% of the torque applied to the bolt or nut. It also leaves around 10-20% of the energy to generate useful tension in the shank of the bolt. Variations in the friction loss cause non-uniform tension in bolts, which have been tightened to the same torque. This is where the need for a hydraulic bolt tensioner comes in.

A hydraulic bolt tensioner is an annular jack fitting over the nut or bolt to be tightened. The jack pushes against the bolted joint and afterward pulls on the bolt end. The bolt end should be at least one diameter longer to fit the bolt tensioning tool. Or else, it does not provide enough force to turn the nut with zero torque until the nut is tight. 

Advantages of hydraulic bolt tightening tool

  • Enhanced accuracy

The hydraulic bolt and stud tightening approach fixes the issue of non-uniform jointing of the high-pressure installation. As there is no frictional loss to consider and requirements for lubrication, it is much easier to calculate load transfer and prevent overload. All these aspects guarantee that accuracy is repeated from one bolt to another. Thus, hydraulic pressure spreads across the entire pump uniformly.

  • Easy to use

Another great benefit of the hydraulic bolt tightening tool is that it is extremely easy to use in all applications utilizing bolt and stud tensioning. With the increased power-to-weight ratio, it results in less bulky and lighter applications. These applications are much easier to use compared to torque applications.

  • Uniform bolting

Many times, hydraulic tooling is recommended because it guarantees uniform study loading and bolt tightening. It is more useful in situations where fasteners utilize several studs and gaskets. Hydraulic pressure changes from time to time so that tightening with uniformity holds the studs and joints tightly. 

  • Save more time

When you use several hydraulic bolt tightening tools concurrently in your project, it helps save more of your time. The process involved in the tool is faster than employing hydraulic torque wrenches. In fact, it cuts about 50% of the time when tightening bolts with hydraulic tooling systems. 

Make sure you get the best quality hydraulic bolt tightening tool from a reliable supplier to enjoy these benefits to the core. Compare the hydraulic tensioner price and features with different companies to make the right purchase decision. The use of quality hydraulic tensioners will increase the life of the studs and bolts. It also helps you complete the entire project quickly and effortlessly. 


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