Top Scheduling Apps on Android

It never seems to get any easier when it comes to scheduling your personnel, does it? There are so many moving components to coordinate time-off requests, putting the right people in the proper shifts, overtime, finding replacements, dealing with problems, and so on that it does feel overwhelming at times. However, advanced technology has made our life easier and procedures more efficient. Since everything is moving online these days, you can now arrange appointments for your business online too. For doing so appointment scheduling apps are necessary. Appointment schedulers are web-based business tools that allow clients to plan, reschedule, pay for, and cancel appointments. These scheduling apps require a strong internet connection to work seamlessly and effectively, we recommend you CenturyLink Internet for that. It has great speed and cost-efficient prices that fulfil your business needs.  

We have listed some top appointment scheduling applications that you must know. Have a look. 

Square Appointments

If you are searching for an adaptable payment and booking platform, Square Appointments is worth looking at it. With Square Appointments, you can build a no-cost customer-booking website, enable automatic reminders via email, text, charge cancellation, and accept payments integrated within the same platform. Its widget can be added to your website and your social media pages, which makes it easy for your customers to make an appointment with you.


ScheduleOnce is a powerful scheduling app that lets you organize and plan nearly any scenario Utilizing scheduling and booking software can cut down on time and increase your efficiency on tasks that need your attention. You can book group sessions, one-on-one calls, and personal meetings. You can also connect ScheduleOnce to your website or email service, as well as payment systems.

Instead of doing back and forth calls or emails, choose the meeting scheduler that is most appropriate for your specific situation and book your appointment. 


If you want an easy-to-use scheduling app, MeetFox comes with a user-friendly interface, extremely well-designed and guides you through the whole process, so there’s no risk of becoming confused or overwhelmed. Furthermore, the application generates invoices on its own and can be highly beneficial for freelancers. The app also offers a WordPress plugin and allows you to embed a custom booking page on your website.

The free version of MeetFox’s service comes with unlimited meetings and payment processing. You will only have to start paying when you plan to send reminders by SMS or use video calls through the software, or want to add your logo.


It is easy to start using Vcita, if you want a professional app, then you need to go with Vcita. It is a cloud-based business application that includes two tools, one for booking and the other for managing appointments: Client Portal and Scheduling. The app offers lead generation, invoicing, billing, and marketing campaign tools that work with email and SMS.

Moreover, it allows you to upload attachments, browse how you interact with clients and even transfer your client lists from another application. Vcita also offers an email inbox that allows you to communicate with customers regarding scheduling appointments, cancellations, and other issues. 


Visibook provides Calendar synchronization and appointment reminders. If you take deposits and booking fees from clients before confirming the appointment, Visibook supports this feature by integrating payment processing in its app. For a more informal approach to meetings, customers can communicate with you via text or email, and you can save all correspondence at one location.

Acuity Scheduling

If you are not tech-savvy and want a straightforward scheduling app, then Acuity scheduling is for you. You can make your schedule and modify it according to your requirement. During setup, you can select between daily or monthly views for clients, create intake forms and upload a logo. It is great for retail business and also supports integration, including Zoom, Quickbooks, ClassPass, etc.

Chili Piper

Chili Piper is a meeting automation tool that assists sales teams in communicating with customers all through the customer lifecycle. Instead of sending your prospective client to the landing page, it is possible to add useful buttons at the bottom of your email to have an appointment scheduled in just one click. It can effectively schedule meetings with multiple people simultaneously and also send emails. 


It is a professional booking app that includes tools for almost all business tasks, including sales, marketing, and customer service, as well as collaboration, and project management. Zoho Bookings comes with a variety of options, including built-in buffer time and scheduled breaks and the option of a customized cancellation policy. You can also create various workspaces with separate calendars and booking pages. The dashboard for the calendar is simple to navigate.


The best application will help you manage your appointments with clients and help you save time. Utilizing a fully-featured scheduling tool will also cut the number of late cancellations and no-shows. Now you can easily select the best scheduling app for your device and concentrate on business areas that matter the most.

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