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Things International Students Should Pack for Study Abroad

Things International Students Should Pack for Study Abroad

Indeed studying abroad is a golden opportunity for international students that leads to successful careers. Studying abroad is not as easy as it seems. Students have to face numerous difficulties while studying abroad. Examples include homesickness, linguistic barriers, and cultural shock. Moreover, they also have to manage their own expense and take responsibility for their decision. However, tackling all these problems develops their numerous skills.

However to get the study visa students have to fulfill all the study visa requirements. Moreover, they have to go through a lengthy and complex study visa process. Several things come into students’ minds before moving abroad. One of them is what they should pack for their study abroad journey. Therefore, in this article, we will shed light on things that students must pack for study abroad. Well, if you are looking for guidance for the study visa process, approach the reliable and reputed study visa consultants.

Here’s a comprehensive list of items international student should pack for their study abroad journey:

Passport And Visa:

The first and foremost thing students must carry for study abroad is their passport stamp with their visa.  It is the most essential travel document. Without a passport, it is impossible to enter into another country. So, when you are packing for study abroad. The first thing you should consider is your passport.

Academic Documents:

Along with their passport, the student must pack their other crucial documents. For example, an admission letter, acceptance letter, transcripts, and any other required academic paperwork. All the documents are crucial and you may need these documents during study abroad. So, it is beneficial to carry with you.

Health Insurance Documents :

As we all are aware medical facilities abroad are quite expensive. So, students must carry their health insurance documents with them. First, they have to make sure that their health insurance coverage is valid in the country they are going to. Apart from this, if a student is taking medicine for any disease. In this case, they can carry prescription medications, along with prescriptions written in English.

Important Documents Copies:

Along with the original documents, students should also carry photocopies or scanned copies of each important document. Examples include a passport, a visa, and health insurance. Carry photocopies or scan copies as a backup plan for students if they misplace any of their essential documents.

Adaptors and Converters:

As we all are aware the power outlets in India are completely different from those abroad. So, buying new electronic gadgets that work with the host country’s power outlets is quite expensive. So, students must pack electronic adaptors and converters. This will ensure that their electronic devices can be used with the host country’s power outlets.


When students pack their clothes for their study abroad journey they must consider the weather or climate of the country are moving. So, they can survive in the climate situation of their host country. Moreover, they should also pack formal attire for any academic or social events.


Students should not forget to pack personal hygiene items. Such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. Although these items are available over there, for the initial few days students must carry these things.

Medication and First Aid Kit:

Over-the-counter medications for common ailments, as well as a basic first aid kit. Students must pack for their study abroad journey. There are some medicines for colds or fevers that students can also pack.

Important Contacts:

Should should also carry a notebook that contains the contact information for the nearest embassy or consulate, as well as emergency contact numbers. Moreover, the student can also not down some important contact number and their relative address on it. However, mobile phones save each contact detail. But when your phone does not work due to battery run out or any other problem. That notebook may provide you with all contact details.

Travel Essentials:

As students have to spend 16-18 hours on the plane, So they must carry travel-sized toiletries. Such as travel pillows, eye masks, earplugs, etc in their handbag. These things make your long journeys more comfortable. Apart from this, they carat durable and appropriate luggage. This luggage is for transporting belongings to the host country.

Study Materials:

Students can also carry notebooks, pens, textbooks, or any other materials required for coursework. Students can also purchase these items over there. So, carrying these items is optional and depends upon students’ choice. However, they must carry laptops, smartphones, chargers, and any other electronic devices necessary for studying and communication.

However, if you have any queries regarding the study visa process, approach the expert immigration consultants. They will provide you with the proper guidance and clear all your doubts.

Wrapping Up:

To wrap it up, to make their survival easy while studying abroad international students must get familiar with the cultural norms of their host country. Moreover, to make their study abroad journey comfortable students must consider the above-mentioned things while packing.


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