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The 2024 Al Azhar University Scholarship

The 2024 Al Azhar University Scholarship

Al-Azhar, the English Government office in Cairo and the English Committee are happy to open packages for the 2024 Al-Azhar UK Scholarship. The Scholarship, upheld by using the Excellent Imam of Al Azhar University Scholarship and the Ecclesiastical overseer of Canterbury, intends to develop mutual comprehension among every other age of Muslim and non-Muslim researchers. It will finance Al Azhar University Scholarship and future pioneers to are searching for after postgraduate examinations at English Colleges with elite remaining in religious philosophy and related disciplines.

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The Al Azhar University Scholarship:

Fruitful candidates will are searching for after a one-yr Bosses’ certification at a UK university. Understudies’ exam center should be in the fields of:


Similar Religion

Theory of Religion

Theory in all its structures

History of Religion

Culturally various Anthropological Investigations

Current Abstract Analysis

Proposals are welcome in any suitable exploration subject matter. Coming up next are regions of particular concentration:

Current Western Way of questioning (Experimentation, German Idealism, Realism, Continental Way of questioning, Analytic Way of thinking) twentieth Century Hypothesis (Semiotics, Hermeneutics, Structuralism, Post-Structuralism, Phenomenology, Critical Hypothesis).

Candidates who are focusing on related interdisciplinary subjects, as an example, History, Reasoning, Political Science and Region Studies, also are advised to use.

Every scholarship will cowl educational costs for a 1-yr Experts, full convenience and living prices, and an annual return financial system-magnificence departure from Egypt to the United Kingdom.

Kindly notice that the scholarship might be granted based upon the up-and-comers accomplishing an inexpensive score in IELTS and being correctly owned as much as a UK university.


Effective applicants ought to:

Be a consultant of Al Azhar University Scholarship as a displaying collaborator or an companion teacher at one of the accompanying sources (Philosophy and reasoning, Shar’ia and law, Islamic Examinations (men and women), Da’awa, Arabic language).

Have an outstanding order of English, to essentially IELTS Level 7.

Show the flexibility and capability to succeed at postgraduate degree, and prosper in a weather of unfastened assessment.

Get back to Egypt towards the end of the time of examine and hold on working at Al Azhar University Scholarship.

Show the capacity to ascend to locations of impact and authority.


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