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List of Social Media Activity Airdrops – Farm on X

List of Social Media Activity Airdrops – Farm on X


Ever scrolled through Crypto Twitter (or Crypto X) and stumbled upon posts boasting about the same project? Well, you’re not dreaming! Welcome to the world of activity airdrops, where a simple click or tag can earn you some sweet digital coins.

Today, we’re sharing a short list of these types of airdrops you can farm. And the best thing is, you can farm them all at once without putting any capital in play.

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Introduction to Activity Airdrops on X

So, what exactly are these activity airdrops? Think of them as virtual treasure hunts, but instead of a map and compass, all you need is your smartphone and a knack for being social. Essentially, activity airdrops are rewards given out by crypto projects to users who actively engage with their content on social media platforms like X, Discord, or Telegram.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you’re following a promising new crypto project, let’s call it Project X. They want to spread the word about their platform and drum up some buzz. So, they decide to incentivize users like you to help them out. They might announce an airdrop where participants earn tokens by retweeting their posts, commenting on their Tweets, or simply sharing the buzz by tagging their project or token ticker.

Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is! By simply being active and engaging with Project X’s content, you’re not only helping them grow their community but also earning yourself some crypto rewards in the process. It’s a win-win situation.

But wait, why would these projects just give away free tokens? Well, it’s all part of their marketing strategy. By distributing tokens to active users, they can increase their visibility, attract more investors, and ultimately drive the value of their project up. So, in a way, you’re not just earning crypto – you’re helping these projects thrive!

So, next time you’re scrolling through your feed, keep an eye out for those activity airdrop announcements. Who knows? You might just stumble upon the next big thing in crypto and earn yourself some sweet rewards along the way.

$PORTAL Started the Trend

A couple of months ago, we listed the airdrop Portal Coin. We noticed the trend of rising Tweets tagging $PORTAL and we figured it was a cool way for our users to earn a little coin. Not expecting too much of it.

Well, they airdropped their coin a few weeks ago. And guess what, $PORTAL is sitting on a FDV of 2 Billion Dollars. A couple of airdrop farmers managed to grind their way to a 6 figure payday. Simply by tweeting $PORTAL multiple times per day.

This opened the eyes of many farmers, but also projects have noticed the success of this marketing strategy. And so, we’ve been seeing more of these types of campaigns on our timeline.

3 Activity Airdrops You Should Farm on X

Since you don’t invest any capital, this is as close as you will get to zero-risk airdrop farming. But the upside of the rewards can be great. Only if you farm it hard enough tho. Are you up for that task?

1] BlockGames

BlockGames is a cross-chain player network enabling gamers to create universal profiles and monetize play, fueled by the $BLOCK token that drives growth in a thriving gaming ecosystem.

Learn how to farm this SocialFi project in our listing on

2] Gutter Cat Gang

The Gutter Cat Gang is an elite Web3 community thriving within a post-apocalyptic world ruled by felines. It’s more than just a project—it’s a dynamic social club where NFTs serve as membership tokens, unlocking exclusive perks and events.

Start earning $GANG tokens with this activity airdrop.

3] Gaimin is a groundbreaking platform harnessing the dormant power of 1.5 billion gaming PCs worldwide, creating a decentralized network for extensive data processing and allowing gamers to monetize idle GPU resources by engaging in blockchain and rendering tasks, thus earning $GMRX tokens without impacting their gaming performance.

More Details in our listing.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, activity airdrops are a fun and easy way to dip your toes into the world of crypto. By simply being active on social media and engaging with your favorite projects, you can earn yourself some free tokens while helping these projects grow. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start earning those airdrops!

We would appreciate a share on social media if you find this useful. Teach your friends how to start airdrop farming on with Activity Airdrops. There is zero risk!

And of course, follow AirdropAlert on X to never miss airdrop opportunities again.

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