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Kilo Health | Kilo Health Launches an Incubator Challenge: Ready to Test Yourself in a Startup?

Kilo Health | Kilo Health Launches an Incubator Challenge: Ready to Test Yourself in a Startup?


Ever dreamt of taking the lead, even if the path isn’t crystal clear? Or to have someone believe in you and offer you a chance to figure out whether you would thrive in a startup environment?

Speaking of which, Kilo Health decided to put their 10 years of experience in developing successful startups and launch a 2-month Incubator challenge. A journey in which there will be victors and the fallen ones.

Let’s go over it.

Seeking go-getters with diverse backgrounds

The Kilo Health Incubator is a challenge that invites highly driven people to develop and lead startups with or without any prior experience or skills.

“As health tech investors and creators, we always look for ambitious people to develop innovative business ideas with. To create a successful product, you must think creatively, not be afraid of risky decisions, and try new unconventional methods. That’s why we are launching the Kilo Health Incubator challenge and inviting highly driven people to join. During this challenge, we will provide opportunities for participants to showcase their talent, learn about the behind-the-scenes of startup creation, and develop a product prototype with the assistance of our experts,” explains Kilo Health CEO and co-founder Tadas Burgaila.

The Kilo Health Incubator can provide an ideal opportunity for people with diverse backgrounds to immerse themselves in their entrepreneurial dreams for a few months and figure out if they have what it takes.

In addition, even if you don’t have a startup idea, the Incubator will provide one for you and let you take the lead in developing it.

“Experience can be an advantage, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. Hence, we hope to attract ambitious, determined people who are not afraid of challenges. We will not only consider work experience but will also seek individuals with passion — those who believe in themselves and want to prove they can move mountains,” says The Chief People Officer at Kilo Health, Ilona Bernotaite.

What to expect upon entering the challenge?

You will not be thrown into the incubator and left to navigate the battlefield of developing a product on your own.

Simply put, participants will receive the push they need to transform their ideas into reality. The key is to arrive with motivation and a willingness to move mountains, and we’ll channel that energy where it matters most. 

This means receiving consultations and workshops from the Kilo Health experts and playbooks for successful product launches. Once they prove the idea’s potential, they will also get the funds needed for prototype development and market-fit validation.

After passing the selection process, the participants of the challenge will be provided with a supportive working environment and necessary funds for prototype development and market-fit validation.

Participants will have access to the benefits of our authentic office located right in the center of Vilnius – dedicated workspaces, a gym, and complimentary food and drinks. As well as being able to network within the community, gaining a chance to find a partner in crime with whom you can continue your startup journey.

Hustle at your own time

“Moreover, participants have the option to choose when to work and develop their product idea at their convenience, which can be evenings or weekends, and are not obliged to leave their current job positions.

Most importantly, they will have the opportunity to observe Kilo Health’s best practices on how to test and create a business quickly,” says Bernotaite.

In the end, the winners will receive investment to further develop their products or an esteemed position within Kilo Health.

“We intend to invest 500 thousand Euros in products developed and created during the Kilo Health Incubator, providing participants with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their potential in turning ideas into successful startups,” adds Burgaila.

Even if you don’t secure a job or investment as a winner, you’ll gain a unique experience and knowledge that can prove valuable in developing your future business.

Showtime in 2 months

To stay in the challenge, you’ll need to work hard and showcase your skills and motivation. In the process, some participants will face elimination, as only the strongest and those whose products show the most potential will stick around.

But if you manage to stay in the challenge for the duration of 2 months, you should have a minimum viable product and present it to the Kilo Health jury.

“The first Kilo Health Incubator challenge will last 2 months. 2 months, in our opinion, is the optimal period to refine the ideas, create a working prototype, and prepare an informative product pitch for the judges of the incubator. 

We have already tested this approach in our company with existing successful products, and we are confident that a longer period could unnecessarily prolong the participants’ efforts and add confusion.

In other words, 2 months is enough for us to see if the startup idea is viable and should continue to exist,” explains Vilius Cesnauskas, Chief Business Development Officer at Kilo Health.

How to apply

The first Kilo Health Incubator challenge starts in February 2024, and participants are now able to apply through the Kilo Health Incubator page. Let’s take a look at the application process:

  • By applying, you’ll need to submit a video answering the ultimate question.
  • After that, the jury will assess the application and reach out if you pass the selection. 
  • Lastly, you’ll face interviews and await the final verdict on your journey into the challenge.

To increase your chances of being selected for the challenge, Ilona Bernotaite emphasizes a few things:

“Be open-minded, free of internal barriers and strong opinions, ready to face challenges and unexpected turns. Most importantly, be authentic, showcasing your best qualities and capabilities. Sometimes, all it takes is recognizing the entrepreneurial spirit in a person, and our goal is to provide the right conditions for that spirit to thrive.”

Adventure awaits, are you in?

Enroll here.

Kilo Health

Kilo Health is a digital health and wellness company with over 5 million customers worldwide. The second fastest-growing company in Europe according to the Financial Times FT 1,000 in 2022. The company currently has 700+ experts, 30+ products, and offices in 7 European cities.


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