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Image Optimization For DTG Prints- Best DTG Printing Company

Image Optimization For DTG Prints- Best DTG Printing Company

DTG has become the best industry standard technique for printing t-shirts and other fabric objects. Minimal setup time, affordability, and a few other factors have increased the popularity of direct-to-garment printing. Moreover, DTG printing service providers can accept bulk orders. Most businesses want to print their brand logos on t-shirts and other products. However, you may also customize the t-shirt with almost any artwork. But, if you have not optimized the image or artwork, you will not get the desired result. The best DTG printing company knows the importance of image optimization before starting the printing process.

Why should you consider direct-to-garment printing?

  • Minimum setup cost is the biggest reason for choosing direct-to-garment printing.
  • DTG printers allow the quickest printing. You will get the customized t-shirts within the shortest time.
  • You will not need to be concerned about the minimum order size. Printing professionals will accept small orders from their customers.
  • If you want to sell garments online, you can order DTG printing solutions for customizing them.
  • DTG involves eco-friendly printing techniques.
  • The prints produced by DTG printers are long-lasting and do not fade away after a single wash.

Some significant facts for optimizing images for DTG prints

1. Prints and the RGB color in the design

Creating your artwork in RGB is the best way to have excellent T-shirt prints. Although some printers use CMYK color palettes, RGB for the design leads to clearer and better color patterns. Digital textile inks used for DTG printers may not reflect real CMYK shades. RIP software program helps with the intensification of colors chosen for the design. But, there is a risk of finding the design appears dull on printed material. You will not experience this issue if you have considered creating the design in RGB.

2. Technical details of the DTG print’s artwork file

The recommended resolution of the image file is 300 dpi, but 150 dpi is acceptable. You may find the desired outcome with your low-resolution file. Still, it is essential to consider the resolution of the print head. 

There are varied resolutions with print heads. Check the number of nozzles present in a channel. In most DTG printers, a single inch has 1,440 nozzles. Your designers will use 4 channels for CMYK, and the remaining ones will be for white ink.

The file size should match the print you need. So, if the print size is 10″ x 10″, the image must also be 10″ x 10″. In case you are not confirmed about the artwork’s dimensions, you can measure your t-shirt to get an idea. If the file size is very small, designers will vectorize the artwork to scale it up properly.

3. Make the image sharper

Image sharpness is another significant factor in creating clearer and better garment designs. Although it may not be essential to use a sharp image, sharpness is sometimes vital.

The image on the screen and the printed image may have a different level of sharpness. It is quite easy to choose an image that appears sharper on the screen but looks stunning on the printed t-shirt. Nevertheless, you must not create a too-sharp image.

Sharpness is manageable with design software. The tool lets you alter the sharpness percentage. It is better to keep the sharpness below 100%. Designers need to focus on the pixels while dealing with the image. They will first print the image on regular paper to determine how the artwork will appear when printed on the t-shirt.

4. Look for DTG printing service providers

DTG printing experts implement the best policies and practices to ensure the highest quality of finished products. They use best-in-class printers and conduct a quality control procedure for every project. If you have hired reliable DTG printing service providers, you will have no concerns about the detail and integrity of the printed design. They use image editors and use the most advanced printing machines to provide quality output. They even test the artwork before printing it on the garment. Experienced DTG printing professionals are efficient at dealing with different design elements.

What is the cost of DTG printing?

The overall cost of DTG printing depends on the print quality, artwork designs, and number of t-shirts to be printed. Every printing company has set its charge for the printing services. For smaller orders, you can consider DTG printing to get a cost-effective solution. However, for larger orders, screen-printing is cheaper than DTG. You can contact the professionals to get the accurate cost of printing your garments.

Which is the best DTG printing company?

Ninja Stitch is one of the trusted destinations where you can order DTG printing projects. As the best DTG printing company, it maintains precision and quickness while managing bulk orders. It aims to provide an output with outstanding quality. Whether you have chosen garments or other promotional products, Ninja Stitch can personalize them with DTG prints.

What’s more, you will get other printing services from the same platform. For instance, you may order embroidery, screen printing, and other customization services on the platform.


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