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How To Download Images From Google Docs Files On Android

How To Download Images From Google Docs Files On Android


Here’s how you can download images from Google Docs files using the app on your phone.

From the screenshot below, you can see that I have a docs file with 2 pictures.

download Google docs images5

So go ahead and open the file you want to work with, then tap the 3 dots in the top right corner.

download Google docs images2

Next tap “Share and Export”.

download Google docs images9

Tap “Save As”.

download Google docs images7

Then select “Web Page”.

download Google docs images24

A new page will be opened in your phone’s browser, so just tap the download icon at the top.

download Google docs images23

If you get an error like I did in the screenshot below, go ahead and open the Google drive app.

But if you don’t get an error, skip to the part where I talk about the RAR app.

docs images download

If you don’t have the Google Drive app, click here to get it on Android.

download Google docs images21

Make sure you select the account that has the document you’re working on, then refresh the page by swiping down.

If you see the zip, tap the 3 dots on the right side of it.

download Google docs images13

Next tap “Download”.

download Google docs images11

After that, the zip File containing the images will be downloaded to your phone. You just need to unzip it.

You can do that using an app called RAR for Android.

Download the app and open it, it will take you straight to your internal storage.

Tap the “Download” folder.

download Google docs images15

Then look for the file you got from Google drive. In my case it is named “untitled”.

download Google docs images4

So just tap the checkbox next to it and tap the extract files icon at the top.

download Google docs images1

Next, tap ok at the bottom and the file will be unzipped.

download Google docs images8

A new page will be opened with a folder named “images”.

download Google docs images6

Tap the folder and you’ll see the images in it.

download Google docs images19

So that’s how you get the images in a Google Docs file.

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