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How Might The Monsoon Season Affect Children’s Health?

How Might The Monsoon Season Affect Children’s Health?

The onset of the monsoon very well brings a significant number of health and safety issues for children with diseases like dengue, malaria, typhoid, diarrhea, viral fever, cold, flu, and any other kind of associated problems. But if people will be moving with some of the preventive tips to be followed in the whole process, then definitely, they will be able to remain extremely healthy and there will be no scope for any kind of issues. Some of the common diseases which the children face in the monsoon season have been explained as follows: 

  1. Common cold, viral, and cough: Common cold will be very well happening due to the virus that will be living in the humid conditions and it very well increase in the monsoon season. It will be coming with a significant number of symptoms like fever, runny nose, and severe body pain. All of these infections will require symptomatic treatment with paracetamol and the consultancy of the experts at paediatric hospital Hyderabad so that children can feel relaxed very easily. In addition to this, focusing on warm fluids is a good idea because it will be helpful for kids. Any concerned child who is prone to allergy or is having related symptoms can significantly face a significant number of issues in this case which is the main reason that consulting the doctor before the beginning of the season is definitely important to remain protected at all times.
  2. Gastroenteritis: This particular situation is basically due to the contamination of the food or water and ultimately comes with symptoms like vomiting, loose stools, refusal of feeds, fever, or any other kind of related problem. Proceeding with the supportive treatment in this particular case is definitely important so that everyone will be able to carry out the things very well and further can combine the antibiotics in the whole process. Seeking immediate medical attention if the children are feeling lethargic is definitely important so that there is no scope for any kind of repeated vomiting or any other kind of related issues 
  3. Dengue: Another very common health problem is dengue and for this remaining in touch with the best paediatric doctor in Hyderabad is definitely important because the symptoms in some of the cases might be unmanageable. So, dengue will begin with headache and lower backache but it comes with extreme pain in the joints and legs which will be happening during the onset of the disease. Usually, it can lead to a significant number of issues if not paid attention to end normally it is treated with oral medications only. But in some cases, if the symptoms are very severe it will lead to immediate hospitalisation with aggressive treatment and further it is important to note that there is no preventive vaccine or drugs available in the industry to prevent this problem. The danger signs of this problem will be when the children are lethargic, unable to eat or drink properly, will be passing very little urine, facing significant stomach Ache, facing constant headaches, bleeding from the gums, or bleeding in the urine or stools.
  4. Malaria: The breeding mosquitoes will also be creating the problem of malaria and attacks of significant fever in this particular case with shivering will be very common. Fever will be happening at regular intervals of time which is the main reason that people should never ignore any kind of symptom of malaria and further consulting the doctors immediately is definitely important in this case. Shutting the doors and windows during the morning and evening time is definitely advisable to keep the mosquitoes out and for this particular purpose it is definitely important for people to Consistently remain in touch with the doctors to manage the things
  5. Typhoid: This is a very important and communicable disease that is most commonly spread with the help of contaminated food or water. Prolonged fever in this particular case in combination with headache or diarrhea will lead to abdominal pain and further will lead to rashes indicating a typhoid problem. Children should always focus on consuming a lot of fluids to prevent dehydration and further getting a vaccination for typhoid in this particular case will be of extreme help and support 
  6. Jaundice: Viral infection of the liver will be very common during the rainy season and this particular problem will be spreading through the contaminated water which very well leads to yellow urine and yellow eyes. So, in this case, consistently remaining in touch with the paediatrician doctors in Pune is definitely important so that symptoms are quite manageable and further kids will be able to make sure that there will be no further worsening of their condition 

On behalf of parents, it is very important for them to protect their children from mosquitoes with the help of repellent and using of the net. Apart from this discouraging the children from playing in dirty water is also very important and further covering the mouth with the help of a handkerchief is definitely advisable so that there is no spreading of infection. Providing the kids with a nutritious diet and plenty of fruits with green leafy vegetables is also the responsibility of the parents so that everybody can perfectly take good care of their little ones without any problem. Focusing on a healthy and balanced diet is definitely important so that everyone will be able to focus on dealing with fruits and vegetables very successfully and ultimately will be able to enjoy a lot of protective and nutritional value to the body. 

Apart from this maintaining the hygiene factor is also very important and for this washing hands regularly is definitely advisable so that there is no scope for spreading of germs at any point of time throughout the process. So, taking good care of the little one during the rainy season is definitely important so that everybody can collaboratively enjoy the glorious weather conditions and further can remain extremely safe and secure at all times. 


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