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What is mRNA Display?

mRNA display is an in vitro selection and evolution technique that can screen trillions of target molecules for desired functions in a single experiment. A key feature of this technique is the covalent linkage between mRNA and its encoded peptide chain established during in vitro translation. Stable genotype-phenotype linkage allows direct amplification of target molecules and enables enrichment of mRNAs displaying target variants with desired properties.

A biotechnology company with advanced in vitro screening technology.

As a pioneer in biotechnology, we have grown into one of the world’s largest independent biotechnology companies, with connections to millions of researchers and partners around the world. We are committed to providing universities, research institutions, biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies with high-throughput target molecules (antibody, protein, enzyme, peptide discovery services) based on mRNA Display in vitro screening technology to promote the progress of basic science and drug development.

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