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Herb Tea Magic: Different Types that Tea Lovers Must Try!

Herb Tea Magic: Different Types that Tea Lovers Must Try!

Herb tea is simply amazing. After all, it is delicious, stimulating – as well as soothing. Above all, herbal teas have a lot of healing powers. If you are tired of sipping on your caffeinated white or black teas, trying this out is a great choice. They are also the best option for tea lovers who want to reduce their caffeine intake. You know what the best part is? They come in a wide range of options. This means herbal teas offer something to suit every taste palate. And with so many options to try you will never get bored. This blog is all about the flavorful and soothing types of herbal teas. So, dive in and get ready to upgrade your tea knowledge.

What Makes Herb Tea So Special?

The fact that it is not like your regular white tea or black tea makes it automatically special. Unlike others, herbal teas are made with herbs, spices, or other plants. They may also contain ingredients like fruits, roots, bark, seeds, and flowers. 

Calorie Count of Herbal Teas
Calories 37 per 100 g

Moreover, it’s usually caffeine-free. Besides, herb tea is a perfect choice to unwind and calm your senses. And that’s not all! These teas are packed with health benefits.

Different Types of Herb Tea You Can Enjoy

You won’t get bored of sipping on herbal teas. After all, they are available in so many different varieties. And each of them has wonderful flavors and a lot of health benefits. Here is a list and comprehensive info about types of herbal teas. All the important details are mentioned here to help you buy herbal tea that is perfect for your taste. Browse our selection of herbal teas at Backyard Brew.

Chamomile Tea

This light yellow herb tea is a must-try. Made with chamomile flowers, this tea is mild and light. When it comes to taste, you can expect sweet, flowery, as well as earthy notes. It also has mellow notes of crisp green apples. This tea is the best pick if you are looking for a tea for your winding down routine. After all, it is best known for its calming properties. Here are some health benefits you can sip on:

  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Improves Digestive Health
  • Balances Blood Sugar Levels
  • Helps with the symptoms of PMS

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is so popular among tea lovers because of the gingery zing it has. The best part of this tea is that it awakens and soothes your senses at the same time. Let’s talk about the flavors of this herb tea 

Spilling a Tea Tip for You!
Squeeze some lemon and add honey to fully enjoy your cup of ginger tea.

offers. You can expect spicy, earthy, citrusy flavor notes with a slightly sweet aftertaste. This tea is available in both loose pieces and tea bags. You can even brew it using fresh slices of ginger.

Another amazing thing about ginger tea is that it has so many health benefits. In fact, whenever you feel under the weather, you can sip on it and instantly feel better.

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Helps reduce
  •  nausea
  • Relieves period pain
  • Improves blood sugar levels

Peppermint Tea

When brewed, this herb tea gives of reddish-brown color or deep golden color. If you like mint-flavored food and drinks, this is the best pick for you. It is pretty obvious how this tea will taste like: minty! Along with this, you can expect a mildly sweet flavor with a cooling aftertaste. This tea is rich, full-bodied, and offers a delightful experience to all your senses. Just like other herbal teas, this one also offers a wide range of health benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Contains antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • Helps with stomach-related issues and nausea

Hibiscus Tea

This is one of the most visually appealing teas with a deep-red color. Moreover, this herbal tea is quite popular because of its delightful, tangy taste. Apart from this, you can also expect fruity and sweet flavor notes in this tea. Made with hibiscus flower petals, this tea is a must-try. The best part: it will seamlessly fit your tea sipping routine. The following are some of the benefits you can avail of with hibiscus tea:

  • Reduces Cholesterol Levels
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Supports Liver Health
  • Boosts Immune System

Elevate Your Tea Time With So Many Options!

Are you a tea lover looking for something delightful to try? Have you tried herbal teas? If not, it’s time that you give them a try. After all, they not only offer delicious flavors but also a range of health benefits. Another amazing quality of these teas is that they usually have no caffeine content. Moreover, this guide has you covered for the main types of herb teas, their properties, and benefits. Therefore, be sure that you can buy herbal tea that perfectly fits your palate.


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