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Guide To Planning a Kitchen and Bath Remodel

A home remodel may look to be a formidable task – from installing new cabinets to making
a bathroom accessible to hiring an experienced kitchen and bath remodeling contractor. All
seasoned designers agree that planning for a remodel is complex. This remodeling guide
has been developed by professional designers to help you plan a kitchen and bath remodel.

Define Your Remodeling Scope

Remodeling your home is thrilling! You have a chance to create a space you dreamed of.
Before meeting your designer to start your kitchen bath remodel near me, find time to
identify the styles, finishes, and materials you want.

Take note of your preferences for:
 Cabinets
 Kitchen Sink or Bathroom Sink
 Kitchen Counters or Bathroom Counters
 Flooring
 Plumbing Fixtures
 Lighting
 Windows & Doors
 Kitchen Backsplash
 Bathroom Tile
 Appliances
 Heated Floors
 Smart Home Technology
 Layout
 Energy Efficiency
 Colors & Finishes
 Cabinet Storage Organizers

Lifestyle Design Considerations

What more should you consider? How much do you entertain guests? Do you intend to live
in your home for years on end? Remember, you want to create a beautiful space that fulfills
each of your family’s unique needs. Your kitchen and bath remodeling contractor and your
designer will collaborate with you to create the precise kitchen or bath you have dreamed of.
Their team will create a detailed 3D rendering of your dream home and collaborate with you
from the beginning to the end of the process.

Determine Your Family Needs

Talk to your family regarding what they need for your home. Also, include your children in the
talk. Could be, they have a creative idea for a fun pet nook for your dog or want snacks to be
in an easily accessible rollout cabinet drawer.
Children will be excited to get involved in the project. If you live on a busy street maybe you
want to install roller shutters, that’ll provide sound insulation from the outside.

Do you have aging parents or a family member with limited mobility? Give consideration to
accessibility when designing the kitchen or bathroom, to have space for them. You may want
to set up a curbless shower, modify the kitchen layout, or clear barriers in your house.
Elderly members will reap the benefits of wider doorways, low counters, and pullout shelves.
Have a fair and square talk about their needs in your home.

Scope and House Size

Think over the scope of the kitchen and bath remodel near me. The size of your home will have, an effect on the overall budget and schedule of the remodel. For example, remodeling an old farmhouse needs more materials, labor, and time. Some projects will be over in a few weeks, while others may go on for longer. Have a word with your designer about the difference between a full remodel and partial remodeling. Do you want new cabinets, or do you plan to change the complete layout?

Summing Up

In this guide, you get an idea about all the important aspects that should be considered before starting a kitchen and bath remodel.


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