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G Speaker Lamp 3 in 1 Multi-Function Bluetooth Speaker

G Speaker Lamp 3 in 1 Multi-Function Bluetooth Speaker



Bluetooth speaker

Name: G Speaker Lamp – APP Control 3 in 1 Multi-Function Bluetooth Speaker (Compatible with iPhone and High Range Android)

Language: English

Warranty Period: No Warranty

Warranty Type: Not Applicable

When the charger is currently plugged in, wireless charging continues to work.

Innovative Multi-Functionality

Elevate your space with the G Speaker Lamp, a revolutionary 3-in-1 multi-function Bluetooth speaker that transforms the way you experience audio and ambiance. This innovative device combines the functionality of a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, a stylish lamp, and advanced APP control, offering a seamless blend of entertainment and illumination. Whether you’re relaxing at home, hosting gatherings, or enhancing your workspace, the G Speaker Lamp is your ultimate companion for versatile functionality.

Bluetooth speaker

Discover the convenience and versatility of the G Speaker Lamp’s innovative multi-functionality.

APP-Controlled Lighting

With advanced APP control, the G Speaker Lamp allows you to customize your lighting experience like never before. Choose from a spectrum of colors, adjust brightness levels, set timers, and create dynamic lighting effects, all at your fingertips. Whether you desire a soothing ambiance, energizing colors, or synchronized lighting with music, the APP control feature puts you in complete command of your space’s atmosphere.

Under 500 best Bluetooth speaker

Experience personalized and immersive lighting with the G Speaker Lamp’s APP-controlled capabilities.

High-Quality Bluetooth Speaker

Immerse yourself in crystal-clear sound with the G Speaker Lamp’s high-quality Bluetooth speaker. Stre

Country of Origin: China


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