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Enhancing Safety with Fire Escape Doors in Stoke on Trent

Enhancing Safety with Fire Escape Doors in Stoke on Trent


Stoke on Trent is an English city in Staffordshire England. It is also an administrative authority in the area which means it is responsible for some common works of the city. Pottery is the main industry in this city. Pottery, coal mines, and steel are the basic industries working in this city. The protection of human life is the main concern when it comes to fire breakage. Because the damage of things can be recovered but the loss of a person’s life cannot be.

The city of Stoke is not an exception to the requirement for increased security measures given its strong cultural scene and importance in industry. It is a highly populated city, so it needs more security to protect its properties because there is a high risk of theft and damage. To protect the lives of people from any damage, fire escape doors in Stoke on Trent are becoming common. This is also a type of security door that reduces the risk of losing a life because of a fire breakout. It also provides some recreational places for holidays which are.

  • Trentham monkey forest
  • Westport lake
  • Longton park
  • Foxfield railway
  • Water world

Fire Escape Doors:

It is a type of door that slows down the spreading of fire to different compartments in the building. These are different from the typical doors because they have special materials that protect against the fire spread. They are fitted at the most suitable place to quickly leave the affected place.

Why Important Fire Escape Doors in Stoke on Trent

These are some reasons why fire doors are crucial.


Stoke on Trent is a populated area with so many buildings for business and industrial purposes. As many workers are doing their work all day in industries and offices there is a risk of fire hazard. So, a fire safety system should include a fire exit door in the building to save the lives of people working inside. Fire escape doors provide a safe way for people to exit.

Stop the Spread of Fire

The fire escape doors equipped with a special technique that is the availability of different areas ensuring the low spread of fire flames and smoke. And in this process, it provides a better route to escape for people. It will not only protect lives but also reduce the chance of maximum damage in the building. 

Property Protection

In many buildings where there is no fire security system, the break of fire will not only cause injuries but also cause property loss. These doors work as a barrier against fire loss. Protect the company owner from losing important documents, damage to furniture, and money.

Follow Rules

In Stoke on Trent, it is a law to have fire doors at your workplace. This law is for industrial, business, and multistory residential buildings. These are not just important because of the instructions of the government but also because it is beneficial for their security.

Types of Fire Escape Doors

Steel Fire Doors:

These are composed of stainless steel and low-carbon steel. These doors are more durable and can stand with fire for up to 4 hours which is more than enough to take measures to stop the fire. Steel doors are stronger and provide extra security. For the health aspect, these doors are easy to clean at a high standard, being the perfect choice for kitchens and hospitals.

Glass Fire Doors:

Glazed fire doors are made up of different types of material including timber but with the added feature of glaze to see from it. However, it is essential to ensure that glazing in the door will work against fire just as other fire door works. Doors with pure propylene are less common. A fire-rated glass door can withstand up to a hundred degrees Celsius temperature.

Wood Fire Doors:

These are made from strong materials like timber and magboard. These are combined with other materials which are.

  • Plywood
  • Medium-density fire board
  • High-density fire board
  • Other fire-resistant material

During a fire exposure, these materials are exposed to heat and save the door.  These are designed to resist fire.  So, during the fire breakout, these fire-resistant materials help in spreading the flames to other areas.

Guillotine Fire-Rated Doors:

In the construction of guillotine fire doors, fire-rated materials such as steel or glass can used. It has some extra features that include a smoke detection system, an automatic closing mechanism, and an alarm system in case of emergency. It is use to protect specific places like the laboratory hall and treadmill. 


Fire escape doors in Stoke on Trent have a front role in safeguarding not only the lives of people but also their assets. They come in a variety of options like steel, glass, wood, and fire-rated doors. These doors can used for residential, commercial schools, and office safety. Fire doors with fire-resistant rates will contain smoke or fire in the specific area where the breakout occurred allowing the fire brigade to come and take their safety measures.

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