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Dr Luis Garica -The pioneer of non-invasive Biomagnetic healing

Dr. Garcia Experience

Dr. Luis Garcia is an unwavering advocate of biomagnetic therapy, an innovative approach to alternative medicine, and his remarkable 15-year career stands as a testament to the immense potential of this groundbreaking technique. Beyond his clinical practice, Dr. Garcia passionately shares his expertise through regular biomagnetic training seminars, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

Dr. Luis Garcia embarked on an extraordinary journey into the realm of biomagnetism after earning his Bachelor of Science in Biology. Intrigued by the transformative power of Biomagnetism Therapy, he dedicated nearly a decade to exploring complementary therapies. His work set a precedent for the field’s future advancements. Dr. Luis Garcia has achieved remarkable success in biomagnetism through his unwavering commitment and extensive knowledge. He has made a significant impact by creating innovative Biomagnetism Therapy techniques and conducting in-depth research and clinical studies. In addition to his clinical practice, he actively disseminates his knowledge through biomagnetic training courses conducted worldwide.

Dr. Garcia’s Research, Interviews, Podcasts, and Webinars

Dr. Luis Garcia’s contributions to biomagnetic therapy are truly remarkable. His extensive academic research has permanently transformed the field. Explore enlightening interviews on his website ( to gain deeper insights into the therapy’s potential.

Dr. Luis Garcia’s extensive studies on biomagnetism’s application in addressing diseases such as malaria have resulted in the identification of numerous magnetic pairs. Moreover, he has pioneered various methodologies and techniques in the field of Biomagnetism Therapy. His body of work encompasses essays, dissertations, clinical case studies, and publications in various reputable journals, as well as self-published articles. While Dr. Luis Garcia’s research encompasses topics like Magnetized Water and Magnetic Fields, he has not exclusively focused on Biomagnetic Pairs.

Dr. Luis Garcia leverages the power of digital media with educational podcasts that offer valuable information about biomagnetism. These podcasts serve as open-source resources, catering to both professionals and patients. For instance, the “Biomagnetism therapy [complete healing from bronchitis]” podcast showcases a patient’s journey to recovery from bronchitis through effective Biomagnetism Therapy. Additionally, there are podcasts like “How Dr. Carlton Lewis Transformed his Life with Biomagnetism,” in which Dr. Luis Garcia shares his personal discovery of Biomagnetism Therapy.

One of Dr. Luis Garcia’s most notable contributions is the webinar “What Is Biomagnetism Therapy?” This webinar distills his knowledge and practical insights, making it a valuable resource for both professionals and enthusiasts.

In-Person Biomagnetism Training

Dr. Luis Garcia’s impact extends beyond his clinical work due to his dedication to raising awareness of the benefits of biomagnetism therapy. He has devoted his life to mentoring and training over 750 students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively administer biomagnetic therapy. These young professionals, who view therapy as a transformative force, are a testament to his mentorship. More than 60 of Dr. Luis Garcia’s students actively practice biomagnetic therapy in their communities, offering hope and healing to others. This achievement underscores Dr. Luis Garcia’s commitment to widely promoting the advantages of biomagnetic therapy.

Beyond Biomagnetism Therapy online course

dr garcia biomagnetism dr luis garcia biomagnetism dr garcia biomagnetism dr luis garcia biomagnetism dr luis garcia dr. luis garcia luis garcia dr luis garcia md. Luis Garcia’s commitment to knowledge dissemination is exemplified by the Beyond Biomagnetism Therapy online course and hands-on training sessions. This course, developed by Dr. Luis Garcia himself, covers all the material presented in live seminars and provides practical guidance on magnet placement for specific conditions. A valuable resource for students is the “Biomagnetism and Beyond Practitioners Guidebook,” which is included as an additional benefit for those who enroll in the online course. For those unable to attend in-person training events, this online course serves as an excellent alternative.

Beyond Biomag 3D App

The “Beyond Biomag 3D Mobile App” and the “Biomagnetism Practitioner Guide Book” exemplify Dr. Luis Garcia’s commitment to providing accessible tools for biomagnetic therapy. This cutting-edge program, available on the App Store and Play Store, offers both annual and monthly membership options. It enables precise biomagnetic therapy administration by identifying matched pairs and associated infections through its 3D human model and user-friendly interface. The “Beyond Biomag 3D App” is a valuable tool for both experts and beginners, featuring a comprehensive anatomical points vocabulary.

Biomagnetism Practitioner Guide Book

Dr. Luis Garcia’s “Biomagnetism Practitioner Guide Book” is an essential resource for healthcare professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles of biomagnetic therapy. Filled with colorful illustrations of all biomagnetic pairings, this book is a crucial reference for professionals. Dr. Luis Garcia aims to enhance public awareness of biomagnetic therapy through the release of this book, and discounts are available for those who purchase both the physical and e-book versions. Visit Dr.Luis Garcia’s website,, to acquire the book.

Supplies for Biomagnetism practitioners

Recognizing the importance of well-prepared practitioners, Dr. Luis Garcia established an online store that offers essential equipment for biomagnetic therapy. This effort ensures that clinicians can treat patients with accuracy and confidence, thereby enhancing the therapy’s overall effectiveness.

Practitioners of biomagnetic therapy have access to a wide range of magnets, a testament to Dr. Luis Garcia’s commitment to quality. Various magnet sizes cater to different anatomical regions for optimal placement. Large magnets are suitable for the legs and back, while medium magnets benefit the thorax, belly, and arms. Small magnets are designed for the head, neck, and hands, and mini magnets are ideal for use on the eyes, nose, and fingertips. These magnets are renowned for their reliability and durability, proudly made in the USA, and backed by a seven-year warranty.


Dr. Luis Garcia’s unwavering commitment to biomagnetic therapy and its potential for transformation has forever changed the entire field. His exceptional clinical skills, inspirational leadership, and innovative work continue to influence the evolution of biomagnetic therapy. Hope remains alive for individuals seeking life-altering therapies through this remarkable technology. Dr. Luis Garcia’s substantial progress in this field is evident through various techniques, including training sessions, online courses, a groundbreaking 3D mobile app, comprehensive manuals, and essential materials.

To learn more about biomagnetic therapy and benefit from transformational training workshops led by Dr. Luis Garcia, visit his website at and join him on this incredible journey towards recovery and transformation.

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