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C&S Electric celebrates the launch of ” Meri Pehchaan” authored by Ekta Raizada.

C&S Electric celebrates the launch of ” Meri Pehchaan” authored by Ekta Raizada.


Mr Prakash Kumar Chandraker, CEO & MD of C&S Electric Limited, unveiled ” Meri Pehchaan,”, the captivating story of a 65-year-old woman, written by our talented colleague Ms. Ekta Raizada. Ekta is one of our multifaceted employees who is passionate about her career, pursuing higher studies, and simultaneously contributing to literary works such as writing poetry and novels.

Celebrating Ekta Raizada’s literary achievement, our CEO, Mr Prakash Kumar Chandraker, emphasizes the importance of recognizing and honoring the diverse talents of our employees. This book launch not only showcases Ekta’s literary prowess but also underscores our commitment to fostering a workplace where individuals can pursue their passions beyond their professional roles. It reflects our belief in empowering employees to lead multifaceted lives and contribute meaningfully to both their careers and personal interests.

“Meri Pehchaan” unfolds journey of 65-year-old woman navigating various phases of life while steadfastly carving her identity in society. Ekta’s narrative beautifully captures the struggles and triumphs of women who face challenges in establishing their unique identities while fulfilling the diverse roles that society expects of them.

This book is a heartfelt dedication to all the women grappling with the complexities of self-discovery and societal expectations. It serves as a beacon of inspiration for those who strive to define their individuality amidst the intricacies of life.

The C&S Electric Team congratulates the talented Ekta on this achievement and feels proud and inspired to have a colleague like her.



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