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Coreflux Week 47: “The Novelties November” Update | by Hugo Vaz | Coreflux Blog

Coreflux Week 47: “The Novelties November” Update | by Hugo Vaz | Coreflux Blog


As part of our ongoing commitment to building with the community, we’re excited to bring you the latest Coreflux update. This edition, themed “The Novelties November,” highlights the fresh and novel changes we’ve implemented as we approach the end of November. Our focus has been on tangible improvements across our products and infrastructure, driven by your feedback and our shared journey towards excellence.

We’ve expanded Coreflux Central’s capabilities by adding a new flux asset — the MariaDB connector to MQTT. This new feature is a direct response to our users’ needs, aiming to enhance the versatility and functionality of our platform. It is a new asset capable of providing connectivity to MariaDB and MQTT, similar to our SQL asset. You should try it out since MariaDB is an open-source SQL database.

Our team has been diligently working on the backend of Coreflux Central, focusing on optimizing system operations and file management. These enhancements are crucial for ensuring a smoother and more efficient user experience, even if they might not be immediately visible.

We’re proud to announce the release of Coreflux Hub version 1.2.005. This update is particularly significant for users who have experienced challenges with tag management.

  • Enhanced Tag Management: We’ve introduced a more intuitive and efficient way to copy and duplicate address tags, significantly reducing the time and effort involved in managing tags. This was a request based on the community
  • Edit Address Tags: This new functionality allows for greater flexibility and precision in managing your data.
  • Progress Bar in Downloads Page: Providing immediate, visual feedback on the status of your downloads, making the process more transparent and less stressful.
  • Button to remove previous history connection. Check the feature request!

We strongly encourage users who have faced challenges with tag management to download and install this latest version. It’s a direct response to your needs, and we’re confident that these improvements will enhance your Coreflux Hub experience.

A highlight of our recent work has been the cloud program’s infrastructure challenge. One team member, conducted performance testing on the Coreflux Broker, achieving impressive results. The Broker efficiently handled a high volume of MQTT messages, with our testing host publishing over 816k messages per second. These tests, conducted across different cloud providers, ensure that our systems are robust and reliable.

From personal experience, I understand the importance of a smooth and efficient tag management system. It’s more than a feature; it’s a fundamental part of our workflow that impacts productivity and satisfaction.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you and will be back with more updates in two weeks. Thank you for being an integral part of our community and for your trust in Coreflux.


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