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Ram Traders: Best Product to Export from Haryana, India

Ram Traders: Best Product to Export from Haryana, India

Haryana, situated in the heart of India, is a burgeoning hub for exports, with its rich agricultural landscape, industrial prowess, and skilled craftsmanship. Among the myriad of products available for export, Ram Traders stands out as a prominent player, offering a diverse range of goods including Hydraulic Presses, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Hydraulic Scrap Bailing Presses, Screws, Fruits & Vegetables, and Handicrafts. In this article, we delve into the best products to export from Haryana, focusing on the offerings of Ram Traders.

Hydraulic Presses:

Hydraulic presses manufactured by Ram Traders are a prime export commodity from Haryana. These presses are used in various industries including automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing for shaping, stamping, and molding metal components. With Ram Traders’ commitment to quality and precision engineering, their hydraulic presses are in high demand globally, making them an ideal choice for export.

Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals:

Haryana’s pharmaceutical industry is renowned for its adherence to international quality standards and cutting-edge research. Ram Traders leverages this expertise to export a wide range of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, catering to diverse healthcare needs worldwide. From generic medicines to specialized formulations, these products uphold the reputation of Indian pharmaceuticals on the global stage.

Hydraulic Scrap Bailing Presses:

In line with the growing focus on recycling and sustainability, hydraulic scrap bailing presses offered by Ram Traders are increasingly sought after in international markets. These presses efficiently compact and bale scrap materials such as paper, plastic, and metal, facilitating their transportation and recycling. As environmental concerns continue to escalate, the demand for such equipment is poised to soar, making it a lucrative export product from Haryana.


Haryana boasts a robust manufacturing sector, with screws being one of its flagship products. Ram Traders’ screws are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring superior strength and durability. These screws find applications across industries, including construction, automotive, and electronics, making them a staple export item contributing to Haryana’s economic growth.

Fruits & Vegetables:

The fertile plains of Haryana yield a bounty of fruits and vegetables, ranging from luscious mangoes to crisp cucumbers. Ram Traders capitalizes on this agricultural abundance by exporting high-quality fresh produce to global markets. Through stringent quality control measures and efficient logistics, they ensure that the farm-fresh goodness of Haryana reaches consumers worldwide, earning accolades for the state’s agricultural prowess.


Haryana’s rich cultural heritage is reflected in its vibrant handicrafts, crafted with skill and passion by local artisans. Ram Traders curates a captivating collection of handicrafts including intricate textiles, pottery, and woodwork, showcasing the artistic finesse of Haryana to the world. These unique creations hold immense appeal for discerning buyers seeking authentic cultural experiences, positioning them as prized exports from the region.


In conclusion, Ram Traders epitomizes the spirit of Haryana’s export prowess, offering a diverse array of high-quality products catering to global demands. From industrial machinery to agricultural produce and cultural artifacts, their offerings exemplify the best products to export from Haryana, contributing significantly to the state’s economic prosperity and global standing. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Ram Traders continues to carve a niche for itself as a premier exporter from haryana India, showcasing the best that Haryana has to offer to the world.


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