4 of the Best Document Management Software

This is a list highlighting the best DMS software for efficiently managing documents.

  1. LogicalDoc
  2. PaperSave
  3. ClickUp
  4. M-Files

#1) LogicalDoc

Best for cross-platform Document Management Software.

LogicalDoc is one of the few DMS tools that can be used on multiple OSs and devices. Its cloud-based functionality makes it easy to access at any time, anywhere.

LogicalDoc is a document management program that delivers on nearly all fronts. LogicalDoc allows you to upload files and store them in a secure location. It can automatically index files so they are easily retrievable when needed.

Although it may not have the same impact as many other tools on the list, its collaboration function is still very powerful. It is still effective in allowing for smooth collaboration between teams working on a project.


  • Scan and capture documents
  • Cloud storage allows for file sharing and editing
  • Compliance with the regulations is essential
  • It works with multiple software and hardware devices

Verdict LogicalDoc is the perfect software for you if you’re looking for simple document management software that can perform all of the tasks required by such tools.

Price: Free demo available, contact for pricing.

#2) PaperSave

Papersave works best for smart document capture and streamlining business processes.

PaperSave is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that helps businesses of all sizes manage their documents effectively. This tool features a state-of-the-art document capture feature, which allows you to quickly capture any type of document.

PaperSave integrates with the most popular ERP and CRM solutions, allowing users to quickly capture documents from their user interface. For auto-indexing, index values are dynamically pulled out of the ERP/CRM record. This combined with intuitive search functionality makes it easy to find the documents you need whenever you want them.

PaperSave is also a strong advocate for data security. PaperSave allows you to track and monitor all document changes and also gives you the ability to give permissions and roles to specific users.

This allows you to hold the right people responsible if something goes wrong with your files.


  • Integration seamless with top ERP and CRM systems
  • The smart search function makes it easy to retrieve information.
  • Consistent Workflows
  • Data security that is reliable, regardless of data volume or capacity.

Verdict PaperSave knows the difficulties that can be posed by something so simple as managing documents. The tool is a state-of-the-art engine that captures and indexes documents efficiently, which streamlines business processes. This tool helps businesses to reduce costs and simplify the tedious task of document management.

Price: Contact PaperSave for pricing details.

#3) ClickUp

ClickUp works best for building both internal and external docs.

ClickUp Docs allows you to create documents. It allows for collaborative editing and multi-user editing. It allows for editing simultaneously and provides visibility to who is currently viewing a document.


  • ClickUp allows you to share the document with anyone.
  • You can control the permissions to view, comment, and edit the document.
  • Highlight the text while you are adding a comment.

Verdict ClickUp Docs is one place to store all your documents. It offers rich text editing capabilities, as well as features that allow users to leave comments and collaborate.

Price: ClickUp offers a free program. There are three plans available: Unlimited ($5 per month), Business ($9 each month), and Enterprise (Get an estimate). Unlimited and Business plans offer a free trial.

#4) M-Files

Best for Workflow Automation, Comprehensive Document Management.

M-Files is another intuitive document management tool that combines security and automation to make it a highly efficient tool. It allows you to easily combine all business documents from different departments into one electronic archive.

Your team will have instant access to all the information they require, at any time, from this page.

The software also ensures that only the most recent files are stored, so there is only one version available for access. The software can also implement advanced permission and encryption mechanisms to restrict access to sensitive files.

The software’s workflow automation capabilities are also very sophisticated. You can share documents with others, edit them, and have them approved according to company guidelines. M-Files allows you to create workflows for documents and projects as well as employees.


  • All documents from different departments can be connected
  • Automated Workflows
  • Use advanced encryption and permission protocols
  • Only store the most current relevant copies of your documents

VerdictM_Files is the ideal combination of advanced automation, formidable security, and efficient information management. It’s extremely versatile and can handle all your document management needs without any hassle.

Prices: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans are available upon request.


A great document management software can make your business more efficient, and productive, and save you a lot of storage and security expenses. Good management software is essential if your business wants to survive in today’s digital world.

There are so many choices to choose from that it can be difficult to find the right tool for you. We were inspired to create this list to help you make your decision. These tools are among the best in the business and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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