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How To Avoid Scams When Hiring A Ghostwriting Service?

How To Avoid Scams When Hiring A Ghostwriting Service?

Imagine you paid a huge amount to your ghostwriter so that they shape your story idea into an attention-grabbing novel. Later, you find out that the professional was a scammer and your investment went down the drain. Such a devastating scenario has become true with various individuals and can happen with you too, if you don’t avoid scams.

To help you become aware of the most likely signs of a scammer, we have presented five points. Plus, we have also explained tips you should consider to hiring honest and trustworthy ghostwriting service. Use this guide with all your attention to save yourself money from any unfavourable circumstances and streamline your writing tasks.

5 Signs To Consider For Avoiding Ghostwriting Scams

Superlatives In Brand Name And Website URL

Many fraudsters name their website by pairing up primary keywords, such as book writing, ghostwriting, book editing or publishing with superlatives. They generally use words, like best, marvelous, brilliant, #1, top-rated, and high-ranking. No legitimate agency uses this tactic to attract their potential customers. Instead, they name their site with a generic brand name and work more on boosting their brand awareness.

Websites With Similar Names And Themes

Many scammers frequently change their brand name and launch new websites with different URLs. These techniques make it challenging for a potential client to follow them down. Moreover, they often use phrases, such as best ghostwriting, bestselling writing service, or #1 Ghost writers UK for hire. They often use the same or similar template to design the user interface of their sites, which creates a resemblance.

If you attentively analyze different sites, you will notice a similar pattern or style among them. Besides, some agencies also imitate the websites of top-ranking and trustworthy companies, plus defame them in the long run. Therefore, pay attention to this similarity and don’t work with any such site to save yourself from any fraud.

Special High Discounts

Fraud ghostwriting services mainly concentrate on marketing and sales. Their goal is to bait and trap their potential customer by trying nearly any strategy to convince them. They would try their best to make you work with them. One of the most common techniques they use is to offer massive discounts and time-limited incentives to their prospects. Think of this why would a top-rated ghostwriting service with a team of experienced writers charge you peanuts for their high-class assistance?

Even if they would provide you with a discount, it would still be not quite cheap. So, if someone is claiming to write you a book for a few hundred or offering up to 50% discount, then know that they’re lying. The minimum charges of a legitimate agency would begin from $8,000 to $10,000. This amount would increase further if your book contains more words or complexities.

Incredibly Aggressive Sales Techniques

As soon as you submit the signup form and leave your contact details on a fraud’s website, you will notice a flood of marketing messages. They would send you a myriad of emails about discounts on their service and other marketing tactics. Some individuals confirmed that they receive eight to ten promotional messages per day. Block them if you’re receiving numerous emails from a specific ghostwriting service, otherwise it won’t stop.

No Name Of Ghostwriters

Scamming companies usually don’t put up any information about their ghostwriters, editors, or staff members on their site. Yet a few of them do so by uploading fake images, names, and bios of ghostwriters on their team. They either copy it from cheap ebook ghostwriting service or create bogus ones of their own. Whatever the case, you should always verify the information an agency shares on its site. Search about it on Google, LinkedIn, or social platforms to securely invest your money.

Tips To Verify You’re Hiring A Legitimate Ghostwriting Service

Apart from keeping the signs in mind, you should use the following tips to verify the legitimacy of the company:

Reach Out To Ghostwriters:  Contact writers listed on the site to confirm they are affiliated with the company. Many scam websites steal the photos and bios of genuine ghostwriters and upload them on their sites as members of their team. Scammers don’t even take permission to use their names and those writers have no relationship with the company at all. If they are a real ghostwriter, you will easy to find them easily on LinkedIn or other professional social platforms.

Request To Speak Live: request to communicate live with potential ghostwriter candidates. Trustworthy companies will most likely schedule phone or Zoom meetings with their team member. So, you can select the best fit for you and your project.

Analyze Writing Samples: Agencies usually share their samples on their sites, so you can check them. Even if they haven’t, you can still request them. Once you get them, run some of the phrases through Google or a tool like Turnitin to see where the material originally came from.

 If you can find it in a book or article other than what the writer claims, it is probably plagiarized material. There is a possibility that the co-writer might not have worked on the project at all. You should stay away from such writers and collaborate with the one whose content turns out to be fully original.


  • How does hiring a ghostwriting service work?

A ghostwriting service creates content from scratch for the client without receiving credit for it. You can pay them an affordable amount to get blog articles, books, or an assignment. You can gain immense recognition by collaborating with a reliable and professional agency.

  • Where to get ghostwriters for a book project?

You can search for individuals on platforms, such as LinkedIn and Google. Analyze their profile, portfolio, and website to pick the one that perfectly meets your requirements. Otherwise, you can go for a more trustworthy alternative which is to hire an online and reputable ghostwriting service. They usually have a team of well-versed writers who specialize in writing impeccable manuscripts.

  • Can you take legal action against a ghostwriter?

Yes, but firstly, you should sign off a contract with your ghostwriter which states that they must deliver original content. Later, you should include a clause that spells out that the writer would be sued in case their work contains plagiarism.

Closing Thoughts

That’s a wrap on this quick, yet helpful guide! Now that you know the common signs of scam fraud ghostwriting services, be cautious of them while searching for a reliable agency. Once you shortlist the options using the tips we have shared above, a skilled ghostwriter will work on your requirements.

As a result, you would have original, interesting, and personalized content within economical charges. Irrespective of your career or academic scope, trustworthy professionals would help you successfully achieve your goals.


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