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7 Everyday Habits That Make You Smarter

7 Everyday Habits That Make You Smarter

Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher and polymath had once stated, ‘Virtues are formed in man by his doing the action.’ This quote held a profound meaning however, people could not make much of it. Until another writer, Will Durant, described it in his own words, which made it much more coherent.

He explained it as ‘we are what we repeatedly do… therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.’ Having said that, many claims neutralised that said success is by luck and happens. No, it does not. This reminds us of the iceberg theory, which depicts how many people only see the upper half that is above water.

Whereas the bottom half, which is far more gigantic than the rest of its body, is usually considered absent. It is there… just not visible because of how it is placed by nature. It is like stairs. If you see someone at the highest step, then you cannot just imagine that he or she landed there directly. It takes time, discipline, consistency, hard work, and so much more to climb to the top. Hence, the steps.

Moreover, bear in mind that everything you need in life requires you to be smart. Smart in terms of informed decisions and right choices. So let us not waste more time and quickly move to the six everyday conducts that make you cooler than others.

Six Habits That Are Essential For Your Victory!

The titles – success and excellence have a lot going on underneath. They are just the results… the process is far more elongated than we perceive.

Quality Over Quantity

The company you keep influences your goals and attributes. It has the power to accelerate or decelerate your growth. Therefore, you should stay all by yourself rather than having an inadequate attachment. You might only have one close friend, but that one person has to be truthful, loyal, and empathetic. Similarly, your focus should be on quality in life not quantity of things. Make it a habit to do one thing at a time, but do it with great concentration.

Grow Through What You Go Through

The trait of learning from past mistakes is incredible. A person who adopts this conduct in life shall go a long way. For example, you once used Nursing coursework help online and faced plagiarism issues. So now, you must learn from it and never rely completely on external sources for your success. An intelligent man is someone who not only gains wisdom from his errors but also from others. Thus, you must grow with time and not just age.

Be Curious, Not Judgmental

You must remain cautious at all times, but overdoing anything invites problems. So be careful while you are asking questions. Irrespective of the subject, being inquisitive is not a fault, but assuming responses is. Therefore, make guesses, but do not limit your thinking to those. Listen to others and analyze their take on the subject. This is how you absorb new concepts and become smart.

Stay Conscious, Not Awake 

Being awake only means not sleeping however, being conscious is when you are attentive towards something. There is a huge difference. Hence, to stay mindful of your surroundings, you must have an appropriate sleeping pattern. Your body needs at least 7 to 9 hours of rest at night, so quit using screens before bed. Let your mind refresh for the next day so that it functions properly and this is indeed the smartest move!

Nourish The Soul and Body

Not just our bodies but also our souls need food. However, if you continue stuffing your brain with only stress and fuelling your body with junk. It will only disturb bodily functions, leading to major health issues over time. Therefore, take care of what you feed your soul and body. Add exercise, meditation, positive affirmations, and a healthy balanced diet to your routine. You will be surprised at how it automatically makes you intellectual.

Document Every Essence

If you have ever come across nursing assignment writers, you will know that they document everything they experience. They pen down everything from their professional to personal lives. This is a guaranteed way of staying vigilant about your everyday involvements. It also makes it easier to express yourself or any situation. In addition, before going to bed, one should read for at least two pages per day. It helps boost your mental capacity and groom you in ways beyond your imagination.

Is a person smart by birth, or does he transform with age?  

Smartness, also known as intelligence, is not a fixed trait. It can be both naturally occurring and gained with age, like wisdom. However, in either case, there is always room for enhancement.

Is being smart more attractive?

The majority of humans prefer physical beauty in terms of attractiveness, but it does not last long. Soon, the spell of good looks is over, and then, it is only the brains. Hence, smartness might not be the initial reason but it surely is the reason to keep the attraction going.

How can I make my brain more sharp?

Experts suggest that to be intelligent, an individual needs to do mental exercises. Daily brainstorming paired with proper rest will surely lead any human’s brain to be clever and fast.

What habits increase IQ?

The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) relates to a sharp mind. This means that the person will have cognitive and problem-solving skills. Therefore, to increase it you must engage your brain in daily reading, memory enhancing, and reasoning games.

Summing It Up…

It is possible that you do not immediately understand the direct and indirect impact of these habits on your smartness. However, these are everyday behaviours suggested by experts after years of research, and you must try them. Habits like eating healthy, avoiding stress, doing meditation, reading every day and curiosity are tried and tested.

They bring about smaller but constant changes in your body and mind. Such as physical activity… initially, it will hurt to move your body in stretching and yoga forms. However, within a month, you will get used to it or maybe even start loving it. Many researchers have proved how physical activity blooms your mental health. Moreover, it also releases happy hormones in your body, lightens your mood, and improves concentration levels. So, what is the wait about? Pick one smart habit today and start implementing it in your daily life. After a month or two, analyze the results, and then you may thank us.


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