3 Best Paraphrasing Tools To Write Essays For Students (Free And Paid) 

Writing essays is a big part of academics that every student has to write from school to university. Most students take it as it is the only matter of collecting the material from the web and pasting it to your document. That’s not right. 

Copy-pasting leads to plagiarism which must be prohibited as you are taking content directly from the internet that does not belong to you. Plagiarized essays are not only rejected by your teachers but also harm your academic grades and reputation. 

Here online paraphrasing tools have your back. If you are a student and hunting for ways to make your essay unique, informative, and plagiarism free, you are required to utilize the internet facility and choose an excellent paraphrasing tool. 

Well, this is where the trouble begins. Because choosing the best paraphrasing tools is not a walk in the park.  

There are tons of options available online to choose from. We have made the process easier for you as in the article below, we are unveiling the 3 best paraphrasing tools for students to write high-quality essays that won’t go without appreciation from your teachers. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Use the best online paraphrasing tools to write essays

The best approach to paraphrasing the text is to use an online service for the best and fast results. We have listed the 3 best online paraphrasing tools for you so you don’t have to waste your time testing the redundant ones. 

So, without thinking twice, just give these below-mentioned tools a try. 

1. Paraphrasingtool.ai  

This free paraphrasing tool is best in terms of rewriting essays and other scholarly text fast. Using it is a doddle so it works best for students because they mostly lack the technical expertise. 

After the necessary information has been gathered, start using this tool by copy-pasting the text into its text box. 

  • Multiple paraphrasing model – This tool offers four different paraphrasing models that include; 
  • Text improver– makes fewer changes in the text but makes it more fluent and accurate.  
  • Near human – paraphrased text is more human-readable but less accurate than the text improver model. 
  • Plagiarism remover – makes sufficient changes to remove the duplication issues. 
  • Creative – rewrite the text creatively to give the original text a new perspective. 

Based on Artificial Intelligence, this tool generates the most accurate and readable results that require almost no editing. 

Students need plenty of time to write an essay on their own. To save more time, students are often looking for simple writing assistance tools that don’t need a lot of effort. Using this rephrase, you can generate lengthy essays in real-time. 

This is also a great resource for students who are seeking quick keystrokes to paraphrase research paper content. Its usage is not just limited to students, content writers, and bloggers who need to paraphrase frequently and might also benefit from this helpful tool.

Use this tool for free 

Using this tool requires no login sign-up or installation. So, there is no point in not using this tool as it comes for absolutely free with no hindrance at all. Furthermore, it lets you paraphrase the text of 1000 words in one run. Hence, this tool takes first place in the list of best paraphrasing tools for writing essays. 

Paid subscription

It also offers the professional monthly subscription package for rephrasing the content in bulk such as it lets you paraphrase 5000 words in one spin. You pay only $99 per month for its premium. 

2. Essayrewriter.io

As the name suggests, it is an essay rewriter that lets you paraphrase the existing material and changes it into an entirely new text. It is one of the most basic essays rewriting tools that work best for students to generate unique essays. 

Offers natural results 

You don’t need to work harder in order into getting a new version of existing material. This tool will make no complex changes to the original material but it is also hard to find mistakes and plagiarism in the final essay. Just copy and paste a piece of text, and you will get high-quality material in return.

Vast synonym library 

Using a thesaurus for looking up a synonym would take up a significant amount of your time. But there are no further steps required to use this simple essay rewriter. It is completely automated and can find synonyms in a matter of seconds from its huge database.

Unlimited free usage 

Nothing could be more annoying and tiring than a lengthy sign-up process before using the tool. It does not even ask you about the purchase and the monthly subscription. Having said that, you can use this free paraphrase tool without spending a cent. 

3. Aiarticlespinner.co 

Another essay rewriting tool, AI article spinner uses Artificial Intelligence to rewrite the existing text. This tool is known for its legit results and it looks like it was written by a professional writer. In order to create new material from a variety of sources, the complete process revolves around rearranging words and phrases into fresh material.

Supports multiple languages

This is the best paraphrasing tool that supports multiple languages other than English. Not just does it rewrite content in the same language but you can also paste the text in one language and rewrites it in another. That’s amazing, right?

Free of cost AI bot 

The standout feature of this AI bot is that it is free to use for an unlimited time. This is the reason it works great for students who are always seeking free services. Using this tool makes it possible to spin and rewrite the text as many times as you like, but only up to 5,000 characters in one go. 

Different rewriting modes

You will get to use different writing modes offered by this tool such as AI bot, remove plagiarism, and fix grammar and sentence structure, making this resource a perfect all-in-one essay assistant tool to complete your essay flawlessly. 

Conclusion | Best Paraphrasing Tools To Write Essays For Students

Essay writing is not simple, and it’s certainly not fun for many students out there. It requires a lot of time, research, and focus to complete properly and students often run away from these laborious tasks.

An easy-to-use and best paraphrasing tool may help you produce high-quality, human-readable, and outstanding essay material in a short period.

Find the ideal paraphrase tool for your next essay writing assignment in the above-mentioned list and you will surely avoid stress and errors that you might encounter while doing manual essay rephrasing. 

FAQs | Best Paraphrasing Tools To Write Essays For Students

Q1. What is the best paraphrasing tool for students?

There is no precise answer to this question as different students have different preferences. However, we can recommend a few paraphrasing tools that work great for students, such as Essayrewriter.io, Aiarticlespinner.co, and Paraphrasing-tool.com

Q2. How can I improve my paraphrasing skills?

Here are a few tips that might help you improve your paraphrasing skills:

– Read the text several times to understand its main idea before starting to paraphrase it.
– Try to rephrase the text in your own words, without looking at the original version.
– Once you’re done, compare your version with the original text to check for errors and make necessary corrections.
– Practice as much as possible to improve your skills.

Q3. Is paraphrasing plagiarism?

No, paraphrasing is not plagiarism as long as you don’t copy the exact words from the original text. However, if you do copy some words or phrases, make sure to give credit to the original author by adding a citation.

Q4. What are the consequences of plagiarism?

The consequences of plagiarism can be serious, such as getting expelled from school or losing your job. Therefore, it’s important to avoid plagiarism at all costs.

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